Leonardo-Gattuso, 'ma non dovevamo vederci più'? I cori di Rino e le liti al Milan: ora però il Valencia nel destino

Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo, never been friends. A ten-year relationship that has never found outlets anywhere, distinguished by quarrels, choirs and forced cohabitation. The whole, however, suffered a vertical collapse with the passage of the Brazilian to Inter. A set of factors, therefore, which led to two diametrically opposed personalities never meet. But now, despite all the unfriendly events experienced by the two, they could find themselves together again.

FUTURE TOGETHER?Valencia are considering assigning the role of sporting director to Leonardo of the new course. A somewhat risky choice, considering the recent decision by entrust the bench to Gattuso. There have been several contacts between the property of Valencia and the former sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain, as confirmed by Leonardo himself: “We talked a little but at the moment nothing more. The fact that we talk about it makes me happy.”

THE HISTORY – The most striking episode of the complicated relationship experienced between the two is certainly represented by the evening of 7 May 2011 at the Olympic stadium in Rome. On the wave of the enthusiasm due to the celebrations of Milan for the 18th Scudetto just wonRinghio gets carried away and, straddling the railing of the segment of the stadium dedicated to the Milan ultras, start singing: “Leonardo man of m …”. This unpleasant exit, by the former number 8, was due primarily to the fact that during that season Leonardo, after years spent at Milan, agreed to coach InterAnd in secundis to the fact that, when Leonardo sat on the Milan bench, Rino was pushed aside.

EXCUSESOnce the euphoria of the celebrations has ceased, the moment came instantly for an apology from the Rossoneri. He apologies which were delegated to the then AD Adriano Galliani, who expressed himself thusthe: “I gave Rino the shampoo. I’m sorry to Interto the president Moratti it’s at Leonardowhom I love, as a friend “. After time had done its best to heal wounds, too Gattuso himself intervened on the disagreements between him and Leonardo: “I admit it, intoning those words was a mistake, I wouldn’t do it again”. Subsequently, the native of Corigliano Calabro, when he and Leonardo had a second, very brief opportunity to work together with Milan in 2018 said: “In the past we have had some small problems but we have clarified. We talk often and talk about football “.

ALL SOLVED?Everything in order, then? Not really, because the relations between the two, outside the purely professional sphere, continue to be not the best, despite the usual declarations and apologies. Not for this, however, the Spanish coexistence should be a problem, because, as already happened to Milan, the two have shown that they are able to leave personal vicissitudes behind and work together.

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