From Bernardeschi to Belotti: zero parameters, fascination in crisis

Once upon a time there were the “rich fools”: but suddenly they are disappeared all, one and the other, because there is no money to be seen circling in the pneumatic void and even the unpunished nonsense of the past has been suffocated by the Covid or from crisis or from a sense of reasonableness that football must have invested. Business is still business, God forbid, but before clicking on the online account and starting a deposit, the deadline it has been moved and on June 30th, the day when a world made up (in theory) of prizes and, if anything, of cotillons is due to expire, it slips terribly forward. The soccer he gave himself some rules new who cannot escape, has ceased to remain a prisoner of himself, has offered financial statements – therefore contracts – at the same time alternative interpretations and is not ashamed to waste his human capital: goodbye and thanks, but not always, to those who knock on the renewal following paths that are now impracticable, depreciation has had the power of a balm and has partly adjusted the mood as well. Meanwhile, but who would have thought? out tooutlet there are no lines, not even for last year’s atelier garments: the crisis it exists, we will have to think of it, and at this point the excesses and excesses are faced with shrewd awareness and a cynical respect for one’s own patrimonial consistency.

From Sterling and Lewandowski to De Jong and Witsel: all the market objectives of the big names in Europe

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From Sterling and Lewandowski to De Jong and Witsel: all the market objectives of the big names in Europe

Talents in the parking lot

Paulo Dybala is, probably, the most “subversive” talent who should have stirred the mare magnum of the market: there are no anomalous waves and around the Sivori of the Third Millennium there remains Inter, which however cannot exaggerate that much and is already trying to do it with Lukaku. Too much continues to cripple and Dybala is one of the photographs of this era of recession or containment or self-control or revision: something has changed, but at every latitude, and even if Angel Of Maria finds himself in the gigantic parking lot of the releasedthe clue counts as proven evidence.

A hundred millions

There was a momentwell before Covid but this is another story than Andrea Belotti it was valued at one hundred million euros: a heartfelt affair, God forbid, which however has gone astray in the tortuous alleys of disaffection or satisfaction or flattening. Now that it’s all over, though fortune without rags flying, Belotti is a lost entity, he belongs to the normality of this era in which belly reactions and madness are forbidden: the center-forward like him, 113 goals with Torino and 143 in career, a few summers ago would be were forced to elbow to let themselves be embraced by the best bidder, while this time around there remain doubts and perhaps even a vague hint of melancholy that dominates even Alessio RomagnoliJust 27 years old, a scudetto in the closet and questions that also belong to him, a Ospina oa Mertens who are theoretically out of Napoli and have not received an offer capable of seducing them: what is happening?

Cottage in Canada

There is a kick that he no longer has places common and there are unsuspected parables that prompted Lorenzo Insigne to get a “tiraggiro” in Canadafor a lifestyle choice that places it at the edge of the shop windows international: there is no respect even for the “10” of a national team that is out of the World Cup but last June did a parade on the streets of Rome and as European Champion. On that coachFederico was deservedly seated next to the urchin Bernardeschiwith a five-year period at the Juventus which generally would have had the equivalent value of a Masters in one of the most authoritative colleges on this earth. But the world is a ball and lets the experience slip under the rug, like dust on memory. Why the curriculum vitae of Corentin Tolisso – four years at Lyon, five at Bayern and a World Cup with France – he remained nestled between the paperwork of this spring without light, crossed in the memory of that beautiful epoque (?) luxuriously schizophrenic, in which good taste and common sense were often and repeatedly kicked. While now the Chatter stand at (parameter) zero.

Most expensive strikers in the world: there are four 'Italians' in the top 10

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Most expensive strikers in the world: there are four ‘Italians’ in the top 10

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