Frattesi at Rome, the conditions of the Friedkin

ROME- Step by step, the new one takes shape Rome. Yesterday it arrived Maticthe engagement of the second goalkeeper will also be announced in the next few days Svilar. In the meantime, the company pushes the pedal on the other negotiations started: the Turkish right-back Celik, arriving from Lille, he will sign a five-year contract and it will cost about 8 million; for half the amount it will also close for the Norwegian wing Solbakken who, despite the tensions with Bodø / Glimt, will reach Trigoria after the Champions League preliminary in early July. The next purchase will be a mezzalawith so many options at stake.

Frattesi, the prodigal son

The first is always Davide Frattesifor which Sassuolo has already opened un’international auction. At the moment Roma, with the right to 30% of the price tag, are in no hurry, convinced that they can still take advantage of the investment. If the price of 30-35 million currently fixed does not go down, and Frattesi actually finds a buyer in love, i Friedkin they are happy to settle for the percentage due and launch themselves on the other objectives with a nest egg in their pocket. If, on the other hand, the Sassuolo lowers the requests, dropping to 20-22 million, Rome is ready, because in fact it would pay the price “only” at 70 percent. Not all in cash, however. There counterpart he would be happy to give value to some of Roma’s brilliant youngsters, as he has already done in recent years. With Frattesi himself, who on his part is trembling to go home. After having deserved the Serie B as a starter with Ascoli, Empoli and Monza, he conquered the national team after only one year of Serie A and aims to consecrate himself in the city and in the company in which he grew up.

The alternative

Another objective credible, he too was born in ’99, is the Brazilian Edersonone of the main actors in the miraculous salvation of the Salerno. Purchased by Sabatini in January for 6.5 million, it is now worth triple. Roma asked to be informed about his movements and in Salerno, where the former De Sanctis ds took office, he would have no problem negotiating. Ederson, however, is also liked by Inter, Atalanta and Fiorentina. He might have gone to PSG, if Leonardo hadn’t been torpedoed by the property. There question is open because even Salernitana, like Sassuolo, is happy to welcome up-and-coming youngsters: above all Felix, who De Sanctis brought to Trigoria for 300,000 euros when he didn’t even have a team in Ghana.

Names from abroad

Of course the midfielder quality could also come from a championship foreigner, which has the advantage of salaries controlled by the growth decree. There Rome carried out various surveys to find out the costs and benefits of various operations. Starting with the dearest Ruben Neves, Wolverhampton star, who is controlled by the trusty Jorge Mendes. Never names there are many on the list, you just have to wait to understand more. A level reinforcement is also expected in attack, regardless of confirmation of Zaniolo which is not taken for granted. Mourinho likes Sasa Kalajdzic, Austrian center forward of Stuttgart due to expire in 2023: he could be suitable for increasing the team’s offensive potential, having different characteristics compared to Abraham and Shomurodov. On high balls, being exactly two meters tall, he is almost unbeatable.

Mourinho's new Rome for next season

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Mourinho’s new Rome for next season

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