Foti, vice di Mourinho: 'Alla Roma grazie alla Samp. Mou e Giampaolo simili, perché...'

There is a story that connects Romethe Giallorossi side, and Genoa, the shore Sampdoria. It’s Salvatore’s Photoswho first became a footballer and then a coach in the Sampdoria, and now deputy of Mourinho in the capital. As a boy, when she was just a promising young woman, Foti for all was ‘Lillo’. About Flachi. But still today, everyone in the world of football knows him like this: “Of course, in football I am Lillo for everyone. Flachi gave me the nickname at Sampdoria, thinking of the Reggina president. beautiful relationship, he helped me when I was young, I love him “he told The XIX century.

Foti then focused on the extraordinary season he lived in Rome: “The party with thousands of fans on the street and the tour with the open bus were incredible but the thought goes to a warehouse worker who burst into tears of happiness in Trigoria 24 hours after the final. The joy of those who love and live for Roma excites me. Mourinho talked about family: that’s it, there was a special union that then makes you win “he says. But how did he come to be Mou’s deputy?” It was unexpected, the Rapetti athletic trainer with whom I worked at Samp talks about this possibility and a few days later, at Christmas, Mourinho contacts me, a video call lasting one afternoon. On the one hand there was the regret of leaving Giampaolo, who in 5 years taught me the trade, on the other the chance to work with one of the best. I could not refuse and Giampaolo made my choice easier: “Go where you deserve, you are very good”. Marco is a person of heartof great human value, those who know it as well as I know it “

What is special about Mourinho? “You have to live it every day to understand but it is no coincidence that he has won many non-trivial trophies in places where you are not used to winning. He is inimitable, beyond his football skills he has an innate charisma, an energy that creates a unique chemistry whereby everyone goes in the same direction. In Tirana I was tense but convinced that in some way we would have won, the same sensation I felt in front of the TV before the Inter-Bayern Champions League in 2010 “.

Moreover, Foti also boasts an enviable score. He replaced Mourinho, disqualified, twice, winning both challenges: “Luckily it went well, the responsibility is great but I soon realized that with him I just have to be myself and give everything.” For Foti, returning to Marassi as an opponent was special: “Mine first time as a rival to the Ferraris, it was strange. I live in Nervi, Genoa and Sampdoria are my home, I have many friends, during the match you do your job, but in the pre and post I experienced sensations I have never experienced ”

The work with Giampaolo forged him: “He is very well prepared, but above all he made me understand that passion is fundamental in this profession, a trait that unites him with Mourinho. Training is not just a field, it is at 360 °, there are criticisms, pressures. We have a great relationship, in recent months we have often supported each other from a distance. I am happy that he returned to Sampdoria, we needed someone like him who knows the environment and has re-aggregated all the components to come out of a hard situation, with an unexpected salvation. “

What memories link Foti to the Sampdoria world? “As a footballer the first goals in A: doing it at 17 stays with you forever. As a collaborator the first derby won in a crucial phase that allowed us to open a beautiful cycle that was missing only the icing of Europe. Quitting at 27? It was not easy to overcome it, but when I stopped my daughter was born and this gave me a lot of strength, maturity. I immediately got my license and I thank Invernizzi who made me enter the Sampdoria youth sector. Now I don’t think about it anymore, I like what I do: knowing how to accept what happens to us is fundamental “.

“Abraham? He scored 27 goals, the numbers speak for him, he just has to increase continuity but he is young. Huge potential, complete, he has everything: with the desire to improve himself every day he will have a very important career “he continues talking about the singles.” Sampdoria attack? I dwell on Quagliarella, a champion who got even less than he deserved. I played there together in Sampdoria, he always moved the balance, he has an incredible passion, he is still very useful at Doria. He understood that he can’t always play, but when it’s his turn it makes a difference. Mou dotes on him

Goals for the two teams? “If you win, you want to win back, it’s contagious, you want to try again moments like this: we had a wonderful year, we will work to improve further, with the dream of celebrating something again with the fans. Sampdoria? I hope that the corporate situation is defined and he starts again from Giampaolo: the right person in the right place, taking him back was a great choice. I would have no doubts in relying on him for a new path “

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