Fortnite: all about the new Season 3 of Chapter 3 In tune

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is finally here, and the whole island has turned into a party for GenZ. The arrival of a new season means that a lot of new content has just become available, so we’re here to tell you all the news, activities and skins arrived with Season 3 of Fortnite. Darth Vader, available in the Battle Pass, is certainly the most coveted skin but new weapons have also arrived, such as the Hammer assault rifle, and the gigantic roller coaster that they will whirl you around the island.

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Skins and Cosmetics

The protagonists of each new Fortnite season are the eight characters from the Battle Pass and the numerous accessories dedicated to them such as backpacks, gliders, emotes and more. Battle Stars are the currency used to unlock rewards for the fifth consecutive season. Instead of unlocking the rewards one at a time, players can use their stars to unlock rewards in a non-linear way. As always, the Battle Pass can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks if you want to start at level one, or you can get an upgraded Battle Pass for 2,800 V-Bucks that will start you straight up at level 25 and instantly grants you plenty of Battle Stars to spend. immediately. The 100 levels of rewards are spread over 10 pages and, as you buy more rewards with Battle Stars, the next reward pages are unlocked. Leveling up the battle pass earns five stars per level and those stars can then be used on any unlocked page. If there is a reward you want on page 3, you can get it as soon as it unlocks … even if page 2 is not completed yet. The final reward of the Chapter 3 Battle Pass is the Darth Vader skin, the most famous villain in Star Wars. Another LucasFilm face, Indiana Jones, is the midseason skin, so he’ll have to wait a few weeks before he can play the fantastic archaeologist. The Battle Pass also includes an action figure-like skin with parts that can be unlocked via Snap Quests, such as Season 2’s Omni Chips, plus some new faces we’re sure to know more about. during the season.

All the new weapons of Season 3 In Tune

Epic added three new weapons with Season 3 of Chapter 3. Each belongs to different classes and is designed to be used at specific distances, so there should be something new for each player to enjoy. The new Hammer assault rifle It has a lot of recoil, but if you can tame it, this extremely powerful weapon can take down enemies at both long range and close range. Halfway between an assault rifle and a sniper, the brand new DMR is lethal, accurate and perfect for medium range combat. The Two Shot Shotgun finally lives up to its name, and can fire two high-damage bursts that can Quickly take down enemies at close range.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 In Tune: the complete guide

Fortnite map changes in Season 3

In Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fortnite, the changes to the map are designed to adapt to the new theme: Be in tune with. This means it’s officially summer in game and the hottest season relaxation is back in the game like every June since Fortnite has existed. On the island, this season of well-being comes to life thanks to a series of new and elegant changes to the map, including a roller coaster, a lush, glowing forest, and new mechanics to improve the way you play Fortnite. The new location Reality Falls replaces Camp Cuddle this season and does it with a lively style. An almost magical, lush forest in cold colors like blueturquoise and purple, has sprung up to fit the extravagant and surreal theme of the season. You will find bouncing mushrooms near the Tree of Reality and you can plant its seeds and watch them grow from batch to batch. As you take care of your tree from round to round, it will give you better and better loot up to even some mythical weapons. The other important new location this season is the Rave Cave. With the defeat of the Imagined Order, the group’s former central command center was transformed into one 24/7 disco. Visit it and you will receive glow sticks, music and a dance floor where you can unleash all your emotes. Returning to the island for the first time in over a year are the Ballers, hamster wheel-shaped vehicles to travel on. They have been refurbished and now they float on water and run on battery powerso you will have to pay attention to your autonomy.

When does Season 3 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite end?

According to the game’s Battle Pass menu, Season 3 it will end on Saturday 17th September. As always, it is possible that the calendar will move forward or backward depending on the final event, but for now, rest assured that In Sintonia will keep you company all summer.

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