Fiorentina, rettilineo finale per Grillitsch: l'agente in città per chiudere, dati e caratteristiche del dopo-Torreira

As has happened in the past few seasons – with deals like those made with Ribery, Callejon And Bonaventure – the Fiorentina from Rocco Commisso returns to draw from the free agent market. After the unexpected departure of Lucas Torreira, with the viola who preferred not to give in to the economic requests of Arsenal and the agent, the need for some retouching in the middle of the field arrived, so much so that Vincenzo Italiano would have already identified, and communicated to the leadership, the ideal replacement.

THE PROFILE – This is the Austrian class of ’95 Florian Grillitsch, former Hoffenheim central midfielder, who grew up in Austria but then blossomed into the youth sector of Werder Bremen. Central midfielder of almost 1.90m still in the height of his career and who has accumulated some experience, even at an international level: for him there are 16 appearances and 4 goals in Europe (accumulated between the Europa League and the Conference League), as well as 33 appearances and a network with the Austrian national team shirt. A handsome midfielder from the point of view of his physical structure, even if his technical quality represents his most evident quality.

FINAL STRAIGHT – The agent, Kristian Bereit, made himself known in Florence yesterday: we are now in the final stages of a zero deal that will yield the Austrian midfielder a four-year contract (at most a three-year contract with option for the fourth year) to about two million per season and the keys of the purple median. The statements with which Grillitsch greeted Hoffenheim left a little perplexed: “now I’m going to a top club”. But this will only be an excellent encouragement to present himself in Florence, a demanding square also regarding the external consideration of the purple team.

HOW FIORENTINA WOULD CHANGE – Versatile player, able to cover many roles in the middle of the field, but in his career he spent most of his time in the control room. Natural right, not very fast but with a great vision of the game, good at phrasing, elegant and essential in the plays. He can also play as a midfielder or in a two-man midfield together with a more dynamic element voted to ban. In the last season at Hoffenheim he also played the role of central defender in a 3-man defense on many occasions. Tactically intelligent, he has good ballistic skills but scored little compared to the possibilities: just 14 goals in the professionals

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