First blow for Brescia: Gianluca Loglisci

BRESCIA– The Consoli Brescia Group, after having renewed the contracts of Galliani, Bisi, Candeli and Esposito, has scored the first hit: Gianluca Loglisci.

The twenty-three year old from Mantua, already a spiker in place 4 in the category in Alessano, Livorno, Mondovì, Reggio Emilia and last year owner of the surprising Motta di Livenza, was presented by Claudio Chiari, Head of Communication and Marketing, at the summer dinner that Atlantide organized Thursday 9 June at the Pio IX restaurant in Erbusco to greet players and sponsors.


«I’m really happy with the call from Brescia, because she was very interested in me already last winter. We found the deal easily, the club is solid and has an interesting mix of young and experienced players. With the opening to two foreigners, the next championship will be even more difficult, however I believe that, with the right mix, we will be able to take advantage of the greater experience of the greatest and the aggressiveness and boldness of the youngest. I am a hard worker, because I believe that the role of hitter requires the greatest technical expertise. We need to do everything well and be lucid. As much off the pitch as I am calm and methodical, as on the pitch I like to load, drag and give everything I have. In high-level volleyball you need more mental than technical attributes, in my opinion: having a good connection with your teammates, being a group, rather than a team, is essential. And I try to act as a glue … I define myself as a facilitator, one who puts himself at the service of others to achieve the common goal ».


«Gianluca is a hard worker, who has had constant growth and has been able to show off his skills both as a striker and as a receiver. He is a complete player who wants to emerge and continue his path, which I am sure will lead him to reach increasingly ambitious goals, because he is a fighter, he reflects the type of player he serves in any team. Regarding Cisolla’s possible farewell, I think Alberto is a champion and if he changes his mind he will always have a place among the Tucans, but such a high level in A2 has never been seen and it is only right that Atlantis is geared up, starting to outline the new course of the Central McDonald’s Consuls ».

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