Fiorentina, there is an agreement with Italian: the figures and the project

FLORENCE – Away from “prying” eyes and ears, he was reached last night the agreement between Fiorentina and Vincenzo Italiano for the extension of the contract until 2024 plus an option year to reach 2025, with a salary of 1.5 million per season which – including bonuses – rises to approximately 2 million. The expected and decisive meeting, because until now the exchanges between the parties had been mainly by telephone. At least until Tuesday, when Baron return from New York met in Milan Fali Ramadani who of the Sicilian technician is plenipotentiary prosecutor: and there (a Milan) the foundations of the new contract had been laid. And then, Barone and Pradè have returned to Florencethe same Italian that a Rome also on Tuesday evening he had met Ramadani himself, so it was just a matter of finding the right moment to shape the agreement. Found last night: Italian and Fiorentina they leave.

Transfer market, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Transfer market, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

Italian-Fiorentina, forward together

The contract was one of the two parts that interested Italian to continue his work in Florence, and it doesn’t seem like a completely out of place either: the meaning is instead to be brought back to his desire / will / expectation to guarantee himself and guarantee an even stronger Fiorentina. From there was also born the request for a dynamic market full of new grafts, because it will take seven to eight reinforcements to give more substance and more quality to the viola group. Last night’s meeting between the purple management and Italian was a condensation of all this, a new passage of other passages that have already been there and an old passage of others that will soon be there, without unilateral prioritiesbut with the intent of arriving at a shared goalo: to go further together and above all to make Fiorentina a protagonist in Italy and in Europe.

Florentine market, the Italian contract

Italian asked for it for logical and natural reasons personal career and current membership in the purple world (this is not necessarily the order), but first and foremost the president Commisso which has passed on its ambitions to all managers in order to draw a univocal line of conduct. Then, it is clear that there are discussions up there and different points of view, views that do not coincide to which a way is found to coincide, requests on the one hand and answers on the other which in turn then intersect. The agreement on the contract is a tangible and fundamental demonstration of this for the project: the deadline has been moved forward by a year, to that 2024 which already could have become the term if the club had decided to exercise the right in its possession, but so it has another meaning, also because the new option in practice triggers the possibility that the relationship continues until 2025.

Fiorentina Project of Europe

Two years plus one starting from this summer between Fiorentina and Vincenzo Italiano they greatly expand the purple horizon and inside there are many more things and much bigger: it is a witness to the project to build a stronger team, not wasting the value of returning to Europe. This means last night’s meeting which will be ratified by signatures. And it is a fundamental first result for the purple team.

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