Fiorentina, la rinascita di Amrabat è un segnale per il futuro

One of the surprise and completely unexpected protagonists of this season finale of Fiorentina, and more generally, of Serie A was undoubtedly Sofyan Amrabat. The Moroccan midfielder, bought in January 2020 from Verona and left until the end of the season on loan at the Venetian club, he was paid well 20 million plus 1.5 bonus from the Viola, as evidence of how much the management believed in this shot and in this player. The first year in Florence, however, did not meet expectations, with the Moroccan who often played below his potential and even lost his starting position several times over the course of the season, causing the Viola management to begin to doubt. actual value of the player. This has led, in fact, to turn up Lucas Torreira Earlier this season, Uruguayan director on loan fromArsenal who immediately took the reins of Vincenzo Italiano’s game in hand, also doing very well from the point of view of realization (5 goals and an assist for him), and relegated Amrabat himself to the role of supporting actor. The latter, in fact, was used very little during the season and for a few minutes of play, up to the match against Spezia, valid for the twenty-fifth day of Serie A.

THE REBIRTH OF AMRABAT – Right against it Spicethe Moroccan, thanks to Torreira’s absence due to disqualification, returned to the championship and fate would have it that it was he who decided that match with a great goal from outside the box in the eighty-ninth minute, which sanctioned the final result of 1-2 for Viola. That race turned Amrabat’s seasonwho from that moment on started to play with much more regularity, returning to show flashes of that player who had done so well in Verona and who had attracted the interest of big clubs, such as Napoli, and had pushed the Fiorentina to make an important investment in him, convincing Italian not to touch him again from the 11th owner, preferring him also to that Torreira who seemed immovable until that moment.

THE TORREIRA SITUATION – At the end of the season, everyone thought Torreira would be redeemed by Fiorentina, with Arsenal demanding 15 million euros, a figure not too high-sounding given the performance of the midfielder. So, however, it was not, with the diatribes that arose between the player, the agent and the president of Fiorentina, Rocco Commisso, which led to an unexpected turnaround. At the moment the parties are at work to try to resolve the situation, but the Italian can rest assured because, even in the event of a black smoke, he can count on the reliability and quality of a rediscovered Amrabat that is ready to put his clothes back on. of the protagonist in the next season of the viola, in which there will also be the Conference League, a European competition that Fiorentina had been missing for 5 years.

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