Fiorentina, Milenkovic can no longer be sold: three profiles to replace him

The renewal of Vincenzo Italiano but not only. The Milan meeting at the beginning of the week between the managers of Fiorentina and the manager of the technician Fali Ramadani it was also important to take stock of the situation around the future of Nikola Milenkovic, whose contract – expiring on 30 June 2023 – requires irrevocable and possibly close considerations, in light of Inter’s interest. For his part, the purple club has never hidden that they still want to focus on the central, which a Florence he feels good and has never put his foot down to leave even at the end of the most difficult seasons that have led the viola to fight only for salvation. A clear sign that the relationship between player and management is more than good and that the willingness to negotiate yet another contract renewal would still exist (in theory).

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

Milenkovic and the Italian agreement

In the Ramadani planshowever, something has changed in the last few weeks. Given that, although the two issues are on completely different tracks, the prosecutor seems to be intending to connect the new Italian agreement (until 2024 with option) with an alternative destination for the defender, whose cycle in purple – according to the entourage – is now over: a tactic, that of the number one of Lian Sportsuseful to give strength to his position and at the same time guarantee the coach that salary of 2 million asked over a month ago.

Florentine market, ideas

For now, Fiorentina have chosen to buy time on Milenkovic but it is clear that, compared to last year, thinking about keeping the defender in Florence this time will be much more difficult. The value of the plant, net of the near expiry of the contract, does not exceed 15-20 million and it is not excluded that the company’s plans to replace the Serbian have already started. Space for ideas, therefore, which also in this case concern in the first place footballers around Europe close to the release, the elements more easily “attacked” and for which the tax relief of the growth decree would come into play. In addition to the difficult candidacy of Romagnoli (searched by Lazio and recently also from Monza), two names have been evaluated so far: Mbemba del Porto And Denayer of Lyonthat the ds Pradè he had already tried to bring to Florence in 2015. Two expert profiles, able to make a difference especially in the European field but which would also involve a not insignificant financial commitment at the level of engagement: at least 2.5 million each. Competition is stiff (as with all freelancers) and it is likely that you will have to wait a few weeks to get a complete picture of the situation. But together with them the viola have also taken information for Léo OrtizBrazilian owned by the Bragantino (with contract until 2026) also followed by West Ham and Porto and valued at 10 million.

One step Dodo

In defense, however, the maneuvers did not end here: after a few days of stalemate in which other candidates for the right wing seemed to have taken over (above all that of Dubois of Lyonafter that too Bellanova had vanished), Fiorentina in the last hours has in fact reached the agreement with Shakhtar for Dodôwith whom a verbal agreement had already been found for more than a week: about 15 million euros the economic outlay for the former Coritibawhich will take the place of Odriozola. The Spaniard in fact – who has already been informed not to return in Real’s plans – remains a market target out of reach for the viola to this day.

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