Fiorentina, Mareggini non ha dubbi: "Ecco chi prenderei in porta"

Today, to analyze the goalkeepers puzzle at Fiorentina, on today’s edition of The nation a long interview with the former purple number one appeared Gian Matteo Mareggini, who had the opportunity to talk about the main profiles probed by the viola: from Dragowski to Terracciano, passing through Gollini and Vicario, he expressed his opinion on the future. These are his words:

Dragowski, in general, he was good. He never made a controversy even when he realized that the space for him had run out. And this attitude does him credit. He has the right to play, not just desire. So it is right to go to meet him and allow him to have space elsewhere. Terracciano? He is very good. He is a goalkeeper … serene. He played very good games and made mistakes like everyone else, but he gave and brings a lot of balance to the team. He has never shown insecurity. He has a very different nature from Dragowski, and it will be very useful to put him next to those who arrive ”.
He then commented on the possible return to Florence of Gollini: “He was with me, in the youth academies. He is a goalkeeper who can do great performances and some a little less. Its qualities? He likes to go out the door, also take risks, he is not afraid of anything. Let’s say that at the moment he has more character and a little less technique, but I would see him well in Florence. Meret? I know him very well too. It was ‘my’ goalkeeper. Indeed, four years ago I recommended it to Fiorentina and it would certainly have been a good investment. One thing: you consider him an alternative to Gollini, but we are talking about two completely different goalkeepers, you know? Meret has a great technique. More than Gianluca. He is very reliable. He has an exceptional margin for improvement and if he finds the right team, the right position, he is a complete number one. I call him a silent leader. But he is a true leader. Gollini, has from him, as I said, that he is more instinctive, unscrupulous “.

Finally he expressed his opinion on Vicar, considered among the best profiles of the last championship: “Well, he was the real surprise of last season. He had a very high performance. He made himself, and alone he went all the way to get up there, where he is now. He has broad shoulders and his qualities are: quality, explosiveness and determination. After the exploit at Empoli he must aim for the definitive consecration and Florence can be the right passage “.

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