Fiorentina and Italian, the updated situation on the renewal

FLORENCE – Slow, sometimes with almost imperceptible steps forward, yet the negotiation for the renewal of Vincenzo’s contract Italian with the Fiorentina proceeds. With an epilogue still to be written, of course. With a gap between supply and demand on the figures at stake that still has to be bridged, just as true. But not, at the moment, with prospects that would presage a total break between the parties. The dialogues between the entourage of the coach, in the figure in particular of the new manager Fali Ramadani, and the purple club continued over the last week, without however finding the definitive turning point after the optimism that was breathed at the beginning June. Unexpected skirmishes of a push and pull that seemed to have now reached the epilogue but that do not for now jeopardize the continuation of the relationship between the coach and the company of Commisso, which he has always recognized in the work done by the coach (and his staff) the real turning point of the season that brought the viola back to Europe five years after the last time.

Good will

In fact, if the negotiations for the extension of Italian are proceeding slowly (the biggest gap still remains that linked to the sum of the salary, which Fiorentina would like to raise from the current 800 thousand euros to about 1.5 million with easily reachable bonuses, while the counterpart has recently raised the bar to over 2) the same cannot be said of planning for the next year, which in the last market summits has seen more than shared foundations laid. From Torreira’s failure in midfield (a topic he has been discussing in Florence for days) to the choice of a level center forward who can help in Cabral’s growth. Two central nodes on which the purple transfer team is already working in view of the withdrawal in Trentino, with the consent of the coach. At the same time, it is made known by the circles close to the coach, a little more good will to tighten the time and define that agreement linked to Italian that only a few days ago seemed really one step away. A small step to climb, with the two parts still seated at a table, to find a meeting point and sign the renewal until 2025.

Rumors De Zerbi

On the other hand, in the last hours (perhaps due to the excessive stalemate and a situation that reminded someone of what Fiorentina already experienced a year ago with Gattuso, who resigned after only twenty-three days from the announcement), Roberto’s name was associated with the viola De Zerbi, which last year had been one of Commisso’s last-minute ideas after the termination of the contract with the former Napoli coach, but then the road had proved impracticable by virtue of the agreement that the Brescia player had already taken with Shakhtar . On the subject, however, denials have rained from all the interested parties, with Fiorentina that regardless of the renewal of the Italian is still determined to move forward with its current coach, in light of the contract already in place and on which from the next days will continue the attempts to arrive at an adjustment. The goal is to close the issue by the start of the Moena retreat.

Nardella and the stadium project:

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Nardella and the stadium project: “Excellent relations with Fiorentina”

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