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Finals of the basketball championship, Milan goes to 2-1. Last night the super championship match between Olimpia Milano and the eternal rivals of Virtus Bologna, experienced the third chapter. In favor of the Milanese, carried away by the talent of Melli and Shields. The final 94-82 tells of a fun game, much appreciated by the 12,000 fans crowded on the chairs of the Assago Forum. The Milanese team, fresh from the defeat in game 2 in Bologna (75-68 ed), takes the lead in the series and tomorrow night could give the Bolognese ambitions a push in game 4, always between friendly walls. Where once again he will be able to count on the support of his supporters, a real sixth man on the field.

Finals of the basketball championship, Milan goes to 2-1. The match report

The start of the Scudetto series in Bologna, all with low scores, seemed to say that this was Olimpia’s favorite ground to shift the scales on their side, and that raising the pace would have made them hang on Virtus’ plate instead. Instead the series moved to Milan and it was Armani who overturned 94 points (to 82) on Segafredo to take the 2-1 in the series, even if a role undoubtedly had prevented Shengelia from turning on ( 10 points) and Jaiteh (8), accepting the flashes of Belinelli and Teodosic (14) around the character of Hackett (18) in the long run left alone.

Olimpia enjoys the recovery as leader of Nicolò Melli (22 points at the end) and the scratches when he counted by Jerian Grant (14), after Shields (19) and Datome (12) had put the game on the red and white tracks. The baskets of the Forum are evidently wider, or softer, than those of Bologna if Armani closes with 11/23 from three and Segafredo with 11/25, and both touch or at least touch 80 percent from the line after the many irons of the first two races.

After two games of breakdowns, you immediately understand that Game 3 is another sport: Shavon Shields turns everything on, with two triples and 8 points in the first couple of minutes of a first half that will close at 14. Gravity created by Rodriguez (8 assists at the end) around the axis with the long Bentil and Hines (not by chance the best Olimpia is with him on the field even if he goes to rest with a shot and zero points) creates space for Shields and also Datome, up to 25-14 at 8 ‘with Melli. But then the first turn of the gears reverses the inertia. Sampson is more constructive than Jaiteh and above all compared to Pajola, Hackett also adds to the intensity the ability to send his teammates to the basket: there are also his 4 assists (in addition to 7 points) in the middle of the game behind 63% from two in the first half that keeps Virtus in the game.

The first dividend for Scariolo is the 15-4 at the turn of the first two quarters which overturns the game to 31-34 at the beginning of the second period, the second arrives when the game remains open because the new Milanese 10-2 with Melli (third foul already at 16 ‘) and Datome is not enough to give the shoulder because it is in their own half that Olimpia has a lot to blame.

The 10-2 break at the end of the third quarter leaves the game in Milan’s hands: it happens when Hackett ends up being too alone, thanks to his teammates and thanks to Olimpia cutting supplies, while Melli on the other. part instead signs the tear with a show that regardless of who is in front, owners or second lines does the same. He thus forces Virtus to close in the area, leaving Baldasso and Grant free on the exhausts for the triples that extend to 76-65 in the 29th minute of the decisive breakaway.

For Scariolo there would be time to return and Belinelli’s best moment tries to keep Virtus clinging to the match, even if never beyond returning 83-76 at 34 ‘. Then also Hines with a couple of plays of him says that that’s enough, we will meet again here for game 4. With Milan ahead 2-1 and in confidence after a night of 94 points.


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