Fifa, Infantino: 'Oggi nel calcio vince chi ha più soldi. Plusvalenze? Il fair value sarà un beneficio per il sistema'

The president of FIFA Gianni Infantino has published a speech in the journal Ants, addressing various issues. First of all, the competitiveness of modern football: “Those who try their hand at climbing the steep steps of professionalism realize how football gradually becomes an increasingly less democratic context, where usually those with more money win more. Therefore, whoever has the most money wins. It is the inescapable law of the market, applicable to any industry, many think. But before being an industry, football is a collective cultural experience and Fifa’s priority task is to strengthen the quality of the product without distorting its democratic principles, balancing the economic growth of the industrial sector as much as possible with the protection of athletic competition. , ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth for the benefit of those who work in football and all those who live it as a passion “.

FOOTBALL TODAY – “In the past I have been able to say that we need 50 clubs capable of winning, not just 5 or 6, and all Europeans, as has been the case so far. Then maybe 20 of these 50 will be Europeans, which still seems to me better than the current situation. And there is no doubt that in order to increase the competitiveness and spectacle of football, it is necessary to invest first of all in human capitalspending more and better in the research and development of sports talent ”

VALUES – “It is necessary to improve the redistribution of the proceeds generated by elite football along the value chain that guarantees the constant influx of athletes with exceptional performances into international stadiums. This is the assumption on which so-called “solidarity” mechanisms have been introduced since 2001, which include institutions such as the solidarity contribution and training compensation. However, the most recent trends in the transfer market have reduced the effectiveness of these mechanisms. Suffice it to consider how, compared to the overall real value of the players transferred, the current solidarity system is able to transfer marginal resources which, overall, collected about 50 million dollars in 2020, equal to 0.89% of the 5.6 billion dollars. of payments made “.

TARGETS – “In short, the solidarity system must be reviewed in a more effective way. With this goal, FIFA is studying new criteria capable of redistributing a greater component of the value generated by players throughout their professional life cycle in a fair and effective manner. More resources to be allocated to the football realities at the base of the pyramid, academies specialized in the training of talent, capable of creating value for the entire sector. In this regard, the introduction of a method for calculating the fair value of players, independent of their market price, could also be of great benefit to the entire system. At the same time it is necessary to reflect on interventions capable of providing greater stability to the calcium system in the long term. Tools that above all involve greater transparency, capable of attracting new investments in the football industry and favoring a more balanced access to credit by the clubs ”.

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