La Fifa e il report sull'odio social verso i giocatori, Infantino: 'Discriminazioni intollerabili, dobbiamo proteggere i calciatori'

Fifa shared a report on the abuses suffered by footballers on social media, during the day set up by the UN against hate speech. The research has highlighted a significant increase in the phenomenon in the world of football, especially during major international events. Fifa has also announced its intention to work with FIFPro, the union of professional footballers, to prepare a plan for the World Cup in Qatar in December, to stem the phenomenon and protect athletes from abuse on digital platforms. A comment also came from the president Gianni Infantino: “Our job is to protect the game of football, and this starts with defending the players who bring us so much happiness and joy for their successes on the pitch. Unfortunately, there is a trend that develops and affects a percentage of posts. on social media that are addressed directly to the players, coaches, referees and teams themselves, and which is not acceptable, given that they are forms of discrimination, and no form of discrimination has citizenship in football “. THE TEXT – “The report released today, for which artificial intelligence was used in order to track over 400 thousand posts on social media during the semifinals and finals of two international competitions – Euro 2020 and the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 – found that more of 50% of the players involved suffered some form of discrimination, especially in the context of their country of birth. Abuses are mostly homophobic (40%) and racist (38%). Most of the insults still remain today public within the accounts that have disseminated them. In response to these behaviors, FIFA and FIFPro will launch a moderation service during the tournaments, which will cover women’s and men’s football; it will track the “hate speech” and will that posts containing it are seen by the recipient and followers of the account in question. Although the post continues to be visible to the author, its circulation and reach will be significantly reduced. The report also highlights how 90% of the accounts surveyed by the study have a high probability of attribution to their real owner. […] which means that the activity of these accounts could be reported to the social network of competence and legislative measures could be taken in this regard […]”.

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