Ettore Messina: Grazie al pubblico questo per sostegno positivo, siamo enormemente grati

Thus Ettore Messina commented on the success in game 4 of the championship final against Virtus: “A very hard and difficult match, this time I start with the public: it was fantastic, he always supported us in difficult moments. We are enormously grateful to give us this positive support ”. Analysis of the match: “The match was tough because we were less clear-headed in attack, a little too much in situations of limited space, we had a good start in the second half, then we lost the only balls of the match. At that juncture 3 or 4 in a row that made us nervous, then in the last quarter an impeccable defense. We finished with 14 steals, a very high number, this gave us the confidence to make good plays in attack ”. The situation of the series: “We are in a good position, there are many games ahead. We have to reset and think about the next races ”. The decisive part: “Even if we were tired, we were perhaps fresher than them in some key positions. We have shortened the rotations and the most important players stay on the pitch a lot longer. We are there. But these are moments that, feeling this support, makes us overcome tiredness. Thursday will be very difficult ”. Hall’s test: “We talked after the game and I told him to stay calm and not to worry about the percentages. Not playing in congested areas. Today we lost a bit on the road Gigi and they changed the quintet, but I am convinced he will be ready for the next ones “. The finals and the growth of Shields: “I hope it continues like this. It is not so common to see players add something over the course of the year, he is choosing the shots and passing the ball better. Doing this is a good sign, also for the future “. Grant’s rehearsal: “For the first time he found himself in a situation with so much competition on the team, it never happened to him in college and NBA: Here he had to fight for minutes and always had a positive attitude. He is calm on the pitch, I’m happy for him because he deserves it, apart from obviously the result “. Team cohesion: “Apart from the two doping cases, we didn’t make any changes. Sometimes we doubted, but we got to the point with everyone and seeing the attitude on the bench, I see everyone involved. This is very important for a company like ours “. The participation of Delaney: “He too has a lot of shadows and few lights, but I happened to read bizarre things. Like the one who was not here because in punishment. He doesn’t deserve so much poison ”.

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