"Esports will save football", says Ghirelli, Lega Pro

From 2 to 4 June Ferrara hosted the final stages of the eSerie C with 20 clubs of the football competition present to participate with their Fifa 22 esports teams. A tournament promoted personally by Lega Pro, in collaboration with WeArena Entertainment. Between one match and another there was also an opportunity to analyze the phenomenon of esports and how it can interact with the world of football during the press conference called by Lega Pro with the presence of its own president.

“The future of football is at stake”

Appointed president in 2018, Francesco Ghirelli is the most authoritative figure in Serie C – Lega Pro, one of the first Italian football leagues to focus strongly on esports, presenting its digital professional championship, well before Serie A. “We are facing a real sport, made up of training and sacrifices”Ghirelli said about esports: “In the next few days we will attend the Lega Pro finals between Padua and Palermo for a place in Serie B: I would like to say that between this type of matches and those we are witnessing today in the championship and Series C there are no differences. Indeed, I would dare to say that the future of football is at stake today and esports can only lend a hand to the sport we love. “

More esports in the stadiums

According to Ghirelli it is essential to combine the positive aspects of football and esports: “We take the best of football, territory and passion, and from esports, which is the new form of entertainment. Today, for example, it is very important to see the various players in our league wear the jerseys of the various teams they compete forcreating loyalty and interest. “ An important aspect, however, are also the stadiums: “It is necessary to integrate esports into club homes, reaching the fans. But I am aware that it is difficult to transform an idea into a concrete fact. “

Competition and entertainment

The vice-president of Lega Pro Marcel Vulpis, an expert on sports economy with an eye on esports for several years, also fully agrees on this: “The first fact to understand is that we are not talking about two distant worlds, quite the contrary. They are two sectors close together because both have the characteristics of competition on the one hand and entertainment on the other. The same data from Iidea in the latest report on esports in Italy tell two important aspects: on the one hand that people follow esports as a form of entertainment, on the other because they want to be part of a community, just like the fans of a squad.”

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