Inghilterra-Italia, le pagelle di CM: Scamacca vince il duello con Abraham, ma Ramsdale salva il pareggio

England-Italy 0-0


Ramsdale 7: super response on Tonali’s safe shot in the middle of the first half. Also sure about the conclusion of Pessina before the interval.

Trippier 6: he tries to propose himself, but his dynamism is limited by Mancini’s team.

Tomori 6: Orderly performance. Providential intervention on Pessina at the end of the first fraction.

(from 87 ‘Guehi sv)

Maguire 5.5: Inaccurate in the setting phase.

James 6: Safe in the coverage phase, he shows up with some overlapping and a couple of interesting crosses.

Ward-Prowse 5.5 Inaccurate closure at the end of the first half, which gives way to the great opportunity for Scamacca.

Rice 6 The West Ham midfielder is tidy and confident in more than a few closures. Shortly before 20 ‘he also shows up in Donnarumma with a nice right-footed shot on the corner of Ward-Prowse

(from the 64 ‘Phillips 5.5 You can see the tiredness of the season finale. Inaccurate in the hallway

Grealish 5 It comes from a bad season and it shows. Game with a few ideas. Naive warning for an intervention on Gatti in the first half.

Mount 6.5 at the start he is the liveliest of his, with three attempts towards the goal. At 9 ‘he close to the lead by hitting the crossbar (with a providential touch from Donnarumma)

(from 64 ‘ Bowen 6: has the merit of bringing an extra pinch of vivacity to the offensive maneuver of the Southgate team)

Sterling 5.5 Various on the attack front and tries to be seen with a lot of good will, but is limited by the compactness of the Azzurri. He does not break through, at the beginning of the second half he devours the goal of the advantage a few steps from the door

(from 77 ‘ Saka sv).

Abraham 5 He is at the counter with the Italian defense, but he is often out of the maneuver of his own. He has only one chance, on Donnarumma’s mistake at the start, but he is not very reactive

(from 64 ‘ Kane 6 Try engraving now. After Sterling’s mistake in front of him the other dangerous action of the English in the second half)

Annex Southgate 6 He is not mistaken in the substitutions, perhaps with some moves made in advance it would have been a different game.

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Donnarumma 6: does not seem shaken by the mistake made in the Champions League against Real Madrid, so much so that he proposes something similar after a few minutes and is pardoned by Abraham. Much better between the posts: the touch on Mount’s fireball sends the ball to the crossbar. Sterling also lacks accuracy

By Lorenzo 5.5: good percussion after 10 minutes, puts a dangerous low cross but in the area not attacked by his teammates. More precise and technically better at catapulting Locatelli’s long throw into the middle than before, Tonali almost gets a winning assist, but Pellegrini’s burr on the opening, when he hits himself with the ball to lean on Pessina , cries out for revenge. And he seals the inadequacy by mistaking a simple support that brings England and Kane to the shot.

Cats 6: from Serie D to the national team in two years, the level is very high and in the early stages he has to shake off the emotion: he is a bit late on Mount hitting the crossbar. With the passing of the minutes he melts and anticipates Grealish a couple of times, also very well on Sterling in the full penalty area after a tower from the left. Sterling, however, who escapes from behind and eats a goal that is not impossible.

Unripe 6: it seems like a race of tears and blood, but after a bit of initial stammering the department he leads completes a good first half without a goal on the passive. The second half follows the trend of the first, both in the dangers and in the final outcome. Abraham was not in the Rome version, thankfully. Bravo in the final when Bowen points him.

Dimarco 5.5: Sterling is a very difficult customer and when he turns on it puts him in trouble. However, the Inter player is good at making sure that the opponent lights up a few times. A little too much space for the opponent who forces Donnarumma to parade, he must also resort to bad things but he gets along in defense. The point is that he would be an attacking full-back, and he can’t be seen in front of him.

(from 87 ‘ Florenzi sv)

Frattesi 6: nice insertion on the filter of Pellegrini, minus the shot with the plate diagonally. The exit of the goalkeeper, in defense of him, was timely and forced him to widen his aim a lot. Then many exchanges with Pessina and Di Lorenzo to form an inspiring chain.

6.5 tonals: in the non-possession phase he becomes almost playmaker and gets up on Ward-Prowse, the brain of England. This leads him to follow the action, only a great Ramsdale denies him the goal of the advantage. Distrusted and cautioned, his disqualification is bad news.

Locatelli 6.5: less flexible than Pessina, he is stationed very close to Tonali and together with the AC Milan player he takes care of the construction of the game. Abraham disturbs him on the occasion of Donnarumma’s error, an excellent panoramic launch for Di Lorenzo’s cross towards Tonali in the first half.

(from 65 ‘ Esposito Sa. 6: stands out for some nice contrast and careful handling of the ball)

Pessina 6.5: more him than Frattesi to play the mezzala, in a continuous exchange of positions that often brings him to the outside. Perfect timing in centering and going to the left-footed shot towards the end of the first half, Ramsdale is still ready as well as Tomori shortly after. He would have a chasm to shoot after Scamacca’s heel, he doesn’t exploit it. Shortly after the hour of play, Mancini asks him a great sacrifice because he knows he can do it. He does not look bad against the English opposite athletes.

(from 87 ‘ Cristante sv)

Scamacca 6.5: the first shot is made at 40 ‘, it is a shot from a good position, very well prepared, but performed by raising the aim too much. So much work to keep Tomori and Maguire busy, the comrades exploit him on alternate plates. A refinement to free Pessina to the limit. He earns fouls, keeps balls. Another positive game, waiting for the goal.

(from 76 ‘ Raspadori sv)

Pilgrims 6: in this moment it is the blue with the best shots. He lights the way to Frattesi who sends a little to the side, manages some good balls but ends the first half in diminuendo. And he confirms the impression when he allows too much space on the left for the cross that Sterling puts out. He closes with a jolt, a splendid opening for Di Lorenzo’s inclusion in the area, who does not take advantage of it.

(from 65 ‘ Gnonto 6: tarantolato, receives the ball shortly after the entrance, turns into the area and finds the outside of the net. Mancini clamored to involve him, the closed game does not favor his sparkle)

Herds Mancini 6: too bad, the draw between Hungary and Germany could have been exploited to the maximum. But another useful result arrives against the national team vice-champion of Europe, who had to appeal to a great save from their goalkeeper. Slowly forward, but forward.

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