Empolimania: cambia il mister ma non gli obiettivi, benvenuto Zanetti!

The new course of Paolo Zanetti on the blue bench it has officially begun. The former Venezia coach has signed a biennial, with the option of renewal for a third year, which will bind him to the company of Corsi at least until 2024. Zanetti takes over from the exonerated Andreazzoli and at least until his Empoli takes the field he will have to live with the cumbersome legacy that the Tuscan coach has left. The difficulties, especially in the second round, were not lacking, but overall Andreazzoli’s work was more than satisfactory. Salvation achieved with relative tranquility, a game that is beautiful to look at and often effective, many young people valued who have now ended up in the notebooks of the main Italian sports observers and directors. Seen in this way it seems difficult to find a logical sense of Andreazzoli’s exemption, but the company’s choice went in the direction of renewing to keep the group, or what will remain of it, at attention. Therefore, the technical guide changes but not the objectives of the company, which Corsi himself wasted no time in making public in a recent interview: salvation and the beautiful game, through which to achieve results and give young people the opportunity to express themselves and show themselves off. Certainly easier said than done, but the new blue coach may have what it takes to succeed. In the meantime, he has on his side that his football philosophy goes well with the tactical approach that Andreazzoli has transmitted to the team this season. Just like Empoli, Venice too this year was often seen taking the field with 4-3-1-2 or with two attacking midfielders behind the striker; to these two sides Zanetti has added a third alternative, that is to say with two pure external players to form a more open and faster trident. After a good first round that saw the lagoons out of the relegation zone, something broke in the return leg and the neroverde team was unable to find the energy to bring home enough points to save themselves, even finishing at the bottom of the standings. However, the team showed a strong identity and a good game, factors that prompted the Italian club to focus on Zanetti for the post Andreazzoli. Probably many at this moment would point to Empoli as a relegated candidate, but a lot will depend on the transfer market and on which squad Accardi will be able to set up. Meanwhile, it seems that Zanetti has asked for two of him: Aramu (but the role of attacking midfielder is quite covered to date) and Ceccaroni, certainly among the most positive of the unfortunate season of the Venetians. Much of the blue market, however, will depend on salesbecause, just as Corsi confirmed, it will be very hard to keep Asllani and Viti in Empoli.

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