Empolimania: fondamentale tenere Zurkowski, che affare l’Inter con Asllani!

From unknown (not for us “insiders” of the blue environment) to revelation, from good prospect to first market target for a big Serie A player. When Empoli sold Ricci to Turin last January, few thought than his replacement, the 20-year-old Krjstian Asllani, not only would he prove to be up to the role, but that he would even surprise for quality and ease. A sudden growth that after just 5 months of Serie A has led him to be the number one market goal, Dybala affair aside, of Simone Inzaghi’s Inter. The Nerazzurri club should be one step away from closing the deal, paying a figure close to 15 million euros into the blue coffers. Obviously, it is very early to say the least about the value of the deal, given that the boy is still very young and still has everything to prove. Frankly, however, the feeling is that the Milanese company is about to complete a large operationsecuring a talent that, although seen in a few Serie A matches, stands to become one of the most interesting midfielders at national level. Jolly in midfield with lungs of steel, he can play director, midfielder and, if necessary, attacking midfielder. In Serie A he has not yet had the opportunity to prove it, but he is also a set piece specialist. Clearly from the blue point of view, it is sad to say goodbye to a boy who has collected over 170 appearances in the youth teamsin short, a flag, but it is clear that when Inter is called, neither the player nor the club can say no. If for Asllani the Empoli parenthesis is about to end definitively, instead, the Azzurri experience Szymon Zurkowski should continue. For the Polish midfielder born in 1997 owned by Fiorentina, the company of Corsi will exercise the right of redemption set at 4.5 million. According to what emerges from Florence, the lily company has no intention of counter-redeeming the player, a possibility provided for by the loan agreement, so “Zurko” will be an Empoli player to all intents and purposes. And, for what the mezzala showed in two and a half seasons with the Azzurri shirt, in particular in the last season of Serie A, this is certainly great news. The player has established himself as one of the most interesting midfielders in the league, capable of combining great dynamism with a moderate offensive dangeras confirmed by the 6 goals scored and 2 assists served in the 35 games played. In fact, it can be considered the first big shot of this summer transfer market session, an important piece for a department that in the history of the Azzurri has always highlighted quality players with a brilliant future (From Saponara to Paredes, from Zielinski to Ricci passing through Asllani himself). Obviously, the confirmation of Zurkowski is not enough to consider the midfield package complete, but the names that turn to thicken the midline given the departure of Asllani (Marin above all) really give hope.

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