Empolimania: Andreazzoli, ha scelto Corsi. Adesso la palla passa alla società

We somehow anticipated it last week. Despite the salvation and a season marked by truly unique feats in Italian history, Aurelio Andreazzoli’s stay on the Empoli bench was far from obvious in the 2022/23 season. And so it was. The decision was taken directly by the blue number one Fabrizio Corsi, defined by himself as “painful but considered”. From the outside the thing is almost causing a sensation and it is also understandable, but among all the insiders who attend or have frequented the Castellani, including the former blue manager Pino Vitale, there was no surprise. To crack the relationship or in any case the estimate that the president had of his technician was the second round, characterized by an infinite series of consecutive results without wins. The successes against Napoli and Atalanta have earned them important satisfactions, but it remains a worrying period without the three points that could have cost dearly in a “normal” championship. And that’s what, in anticipation, Corsi preferred to try to avoid, perhaps also aware of having to practically refound the team, between finished loans and inevitable sales. Andreazzoli has shown that he knows how to give an identity and an appreciable game to his team, but also that he is a fundamentalist who hardly compromises, capable of reaching the result only and only through his own belief. There was a good game, even the satisfactions on off-target fields for the Azzurri story, but also 70 goals conceded and several embarked. It would not have been easy for Empoli to build a competitive team with the trappings desired by Andreazzoli and perhaps this is also one of the reasons that convinced Corsi to focus on something else. Now the ball goes right to the management, who practically took the responsibility of “deciding how to save herself”, regardless of the coach (who will be the former Venezia Paolo Zanetti unless there are sensational changes of direction) and the players who will arrive. It is still very early to make any kind of reasoning, let alone forecasts. Certainly there is that two teams like Cagliari and Genoa, which for square, coat of arms and usually also staff always book a place outside the relegation zone, this year there will not be and at least on paper, Empoli will be able to start with an advantage over the newly promoted ones and maybe even on Salernitana itself and on La Spezia that even in this window will not be able to make the market. With suggestions, however, we do little, nothing indeed, so now there is great expectation to see how Accardi and the Azzurri market will move to set up a team that can at least repeat the goal achieved by the good Andreazzoli.

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