Electric columns, the new regulation approved: there are many new features

There Council of Rome Capital approved a resolution with the new regulation forinstallation and the management of the small columns electric for motor vehicles. L’administration, building on the experience of the last four years, it has sought to eliminate the distortions and delays that hindered the previous regulation. Suffice it to say that up to today out of 1600 requests received at Department Mobility only 800 were successful, demonstrating an evidently flawed system. So many the Announcements than in the past starting from a more careful planning and a periodic programming of the recharging systems that will allow to cover all the territory from Rome with a view to maximum widespread and proportionate distribution of the columns in all the municipalities, also agreeing on their positioning with the superintendency in the central and most prestigious areas of the city.

This work will be carried out with the support of singles town halls and in agreement with the electricity distributor, in order to limit the time and inconvenience for the works as much as possible. An international competition will also be launched to choose the design of a column branded with the “Roma” brand, calling upon the best international designers. Among other new features: the procedure competitive who will choose the operators on the basis of the technical quality of the product and the technical and IT services it offers; interoperability between operators will be guaranteed, so as to facilitate recharging operations for citizens even at columns of operators other than their own; they will be positioned in the new sensor bays capable of detecting abusive stops in the charging bays; in order to discourage the use of charging stalls as mere parking spaces even for those who have to recharge the vehicle, special rates will be applied – as required by the Highway Code – for those who leave the car parked on the stalls after one hour from end of recharging; all the old columns and old sockets will be replaced to modernize the capacity and speed of recharging to modern technologies. Finally, the columns will be inserted in the Maas system (Mobility as a service) of Rome capital city.

“The new regulation – declared theCouncilor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè will bring a radical change of pace in the installation and management of electricity columns. A change that has become even more necessary today after the European Parliament, in these days, declared its intention to eliminate endothermic motor vehicles from our cities by 2035. Among the main objectives of the new regulation, the extension of the number of plan areas to spread the columns throughout the city, reaching 5 thousand stalls by the Jubilee, facilitate and simplify the life of citizens in the use of devices, discourage the abusive and improper use of recharging spaces “.

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