Dybala at Inter, first offer: Marotta's figures and strategy

A matter of days, maybe hours, then in between Inter and Dybala there will be a new contact. Probably by phone or video conference. Will it be the decisive one? One thing is clear: for now there is no agreement, not even in principle. And it is not the failure to define the incentive to leave Sanchez (which sooner or later will come) to prevent Joya’s signature. The problem is not even the duration of the contract (Inter have proposed 3 years, but can easily go up to 4 as the former Juventus player would like) or their jersey number (the 10, unless it is sensationally sold, will remain at Martinez and Paulo will wear 21). The real stumbling block is money: Marotta offered 5.5 million plus bonuses to reach a maximum of 6.5 or 7 (500,000 euros linked to attendance, the rest linked to victories); Dybala’s entourage knows that Martinez (6.2 million) e Brozovic (6.5) earn more and expect the former Juventus to be treated at least like Toro and Brozo at the level of the fixed part, with the addition of bonuses to reach 7.5 million. Bridging the gap is not impossible, but perhaps there is also … more to clarify.

Inter, meeting with Dybala's agent

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Inter, meeting with Dybala’s agent

Inter market, the point on Dybala

Inter are convinced they need the talent of Dybalawhen the latter needs an environment like the Pinetina to relaunch (also in key World: now he is a reserve …) thanks to the 34 games missed due to knee or muscle injuries from January 2021 onwards. Marotta is the boy’s prime admirer of Laguna Larga and it was he who brought it to the Juventus. Now, however, he thinks not as a “lover” of Joya, but from to Inter and notice the great opportunity to have it on a free transfer (there is also no agreement on the commissions …) and the risks of the deal. He does not escape that there is a reason why Paulo has had so far zero offers from top clubs. Maybe she hasn’t “solicited” them enough because she wants to stay in Italy, in a great club like Inter, and in this perspective he expects a sacrifice. The Argentine, for his part, expects an extra sacrifice from Zhang.

Inter, Marotta's strategy for Dybala

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Inter, Marotta’s strategy for Dybala

Inter, assault on Lukaku

In these days we will understand if the parties will meet immediately and there will be the white smoke or if we have to wait another couple of weeks. They will also be decisive days for Lukaku’s assault on Chelsea: after tomorrow’s race with Nationalthe Belgian will reiterate to the club that he wants to leave and Inter are willing to pay compensation for the loan. Martinez, Dzeko and Correa are all confirmed for 2022/23, but if found the agreement for both Dybala and Lukakusomeone (not Lautaro) would make room for them.


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Marotta: “Dybala? We want the best possible team by June”

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