Dybala at Inter, first offer: Marotta's figures and strategy

MILAN – Not only Marotta and Ausiliothere were also Zanetti and Inzaghi yesterday afternoon to welcome the representatives of, above all, to the Nerazzurri headquarters Dybala. In short, it was a meeting in great style. And not only because, for the first time, there was concrete talk of money, but also because with that type of “delegation” Inter wanted to send a message to Joya: we want you to become our player and have a central role in the project. The other side of the coin, however, is that the Nerazzurri’s offer, as abundantly expected, is lower than what the Argentine perceived at the Juventus. On the table, in fact, Marotta and Ausilio have put on the table a three-year (with option or to be transformed into a four-year) of 5.5 million on a fixed basis, with bonuses reaching around 7. Dybala’s entourageinstead, he asked for the starting quota to be 7 million. In short, the distance is there. But both sides judged yesterday’s conversation constructive and therefore an agreement is possible to reach.

Inter, meeting with Dybala's agent

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Inter, meeting with Dybala’s agent

Inter, the Dybala deal

Obviously, the decisive factor will be will of Dybalawho is currently on vacation in You love me with his girlfriend. Antunhis agent, accompanied yesterday in viale Liberazione by intermediaries De Vecchi and Petralito, will report on the speeches made. And if, as some signs suggest, his intention was for Inter (“If Marotta allowed himself to meet the prosecutor especially from Dybala, it means that it is a positive thing”, said Petralito at the exit), then we will work to find a square. If Inzaghi – who yesterday also defined his renewal until 2024, with formalization in the next few days – addressed the more technical issues, the Nerazzurri managers instead tried to explain the need to keep the contract figures within certain limits. Dybala would have a couple more offers in hand: one from Premier and one from Liga. However, other factors, such as the desire to stay in, could shift the balance Italy. The Joya clan, in any case, he expects some more “opening” from the Nerazzurri club, whether it be a mini raise on the fixed part, a signing bonus or a remodeling of the variable share. At the end of a meeting lasting more or less a couple of hours, the parties do not give themselves a few days of reflection. To understand if an update may already be there by the weekend, or if we need to wait until next week.

Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

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Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

Lukaku, Inter don’t give up

The lunge decided on Dybala does not mean that Inter have given up Lukaku, rather. It is simply a matter of timing. The Argentine could not be left on standby for much longer. And, not surprisingly, yesterday’s meeting took place despite the fact that the release of Sanchez. The story Big Romon the other hand, it risks dragging on for a long time, even if no later than June 30 to maintain the Growth Decree. And it is not taken for granted that it will be resolved with a white smoke. The knot is always the same, that is the Chelsea it does not intend to “give away” a player in whom he invested a year ago 115 million euros. Basically, i Blues something they want to take home. There is no closure with respect to the loan hypothesis, but it is necessary to deal with an annual amortization of approximately 25 million euros. The Nerazzurri’s room for maneuver is very low: therefore, if not a free loan, at most a mini-indemnity. At this point it’s up to Lukaku to tick that type of conditions, making it clear that he will not accept different arrangements than Inter and that to return to A league it’s the only way to really relaunch after the last bad season.

Inter, Marotta continues to work for Lukaku's return

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Inter, Marotta continues to work for Lukaku’s return

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