Dreams that die at dawn

Francesco Totti does not want to talk about DybalaWhy” explains “I know how it went, I still feel it. Over? Yes, she is finished. I think yes“. But then he doesn’t hold back and reveals that “it does not depend only on Paulo, if it depended on him there would be a good hope for Roma“. He concludes thus: “I exposed myself a little more“. He exposed himself a lot, the Captain. His words in Rome did as always a lot of noiseeven providing some embarrassment. He had (has) a great dream: the arrival of the Heir, of a new ten worthy of that number, for this reason he has made himself available to even act as an intermediary. Dybala, who initially did not want to hear about Roma or Inter, as he was only seen away from Italy and Juve, at one point he made the mouth of the hypothesis of reaching Mourinho and he confided it to Francesco himself.

How did it go? That’s how it went. The two meetings of Tiago Pinto – the first with Fabrizio De Vecchi, international intermediary wanted by Paulo, and the following with Jorge Antun, the Argentine’s agent-friend with the semi-exclusive for Inter and Barcelona – resulted in as many explorations by the Portuguese ds who, with the club engaged in the review of the settlement agreement (FPF), it was not possible to expose that much.

Numbers have never been talked about: only sensations, and always on the upside. A hypothetical cost (7 million per season) that Rome, today, would not be able to bear. Accounts kill dreams. And we kill them at dawn. They are also taking away those from us because of the needs (of the companies). Two months after the start of the championship, nothing is moving that the red budget does not want. Even the legendary “waltz of the benches”, For example, which you could play on for weeks, turned into a slow da Ca ‘del Liscio.

Twelve months ago, day more or less, Mourinho in Rome displaced the press and insiders (and hatred), Allegri returned to Juve giving up on Real Madrid, De Laurentiis chose Spalletti, Simone Inzaghi gave up Lotito, who had made him suffer for months delaying the discussion on the renewal, and was going to replace Conte at Inter, Sarri opened a house in Formello, Italian left the contract with Spezia to embrace Florence, De Zerbi left for Ukraine and Dionisi arrived in Sassuolo, Juric signed for Cairo. Pioli, Mihajlovic and Gasperini, among the big names, kept the same address.

A year later Pioli, Mourinho, Allegri, Spalletti, Inzaghi, Gasperini, Sarri, Juric and Italiano spend their holidays with the certainty of not being forced to pack their bags but also with the doubt of having to train. a team not too different from the previous one: the market for purchases is stagnating, while the market for sales (necessary and salvific) is equally blocked. Quality players, costing millions, such as Dybala, Bernardeschi, Insigne and Mertens have been quietly abandoned, money has stopped circulating and ideas have been set aside for fear of having to implement them.

The Italian enthusiast is thus making the end of the passer-by who has been fasting for days who, walking through the streets of the center, stops in front of the best restaurant in the city and smashes his nose against the window and imagines smells and tastes. The billion to keep Mbappé, the 80/100 million of Real for Tchouaméni, the 100 of Liverpool for Darwin Nunez, the more than 300 of the City for Haaland are the most precious dishes served in a place that has become inaccessible for us Italians. And we are not consoled by the fact that the president of the Liga Tebas has denounced the violation of the Financial Fair Play of the state-clubs (Psg, City). Because the institution that should supervise the correct application of the cost-revenue rule systematically turns to the opposite side.

The question arises spontaneously: the gentlemen who ask the enthusiast every year to come up with as much money for TV or stadium subscriptions, how much do they think the poor man can still hold up in front of the increasingly desolately empty shelves of quality? It is true that the relationship between the club and the fans has changed since Sergio Cragnotti renamed them customers, but it is equally true that at least he treated them as such – the customer is always right – putting on the table (on the pitch) fine champions who came to a beautiful championship.

Now – I go back to the names of the repudiated – the “client” is also stolen his protégé, he is asked money and sacrifices in a poke, scrambling a laughable market with names that often only google knows. If the only novelties are Collina’s ideas, it is better to apply yourself. If this is globalization, let’s get ready for Superflop. Let’s go back to the factories of passion, to the Italy of bell towers. The so-called minor leagues – see those of Palermo and Bari – have found the source of the emotion. Stop this world, or there will be many going down.

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