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Looking forward to seeing him back on the pitch in the NBA Finals against Boston, Draymond Green in the past few hours he recorded a new episode of his podcast, The Draymond Green Show. In the last episode, among other things, the star of the Golden State Warriors spoke of Steph Curry and his reputation in the postseason. Given the current ones zero titles of MVP of the Finals despite three rings won, Curry is often belittled when it comes to impact in the games that matter most. Green, however, wanted to dismantle this theory, underlining how the importance of Curry is enormous for the doubling he constantly attracts and for how the opposing defense gravitates substantially around him. Comparing Kevin Durantwinner of two Finals MVPs at Golden State, with Steph Curry, Green said:

Kevin Durant was sensational in those Finals. We all saw him, he was crazy. Steph Curry was probably doubled seven times what happened to KD, in every single series. So, if you look at his numbers and say, “Well, the stats are a little bit lower because he’s doubled up”… It’s not Orlando Magic’s double. These are the doublings of a team that has reached the Finals, if you have made it this far you have a good defense. It is not a team that prepared the game the day before and rotates all the players. They are elite teams who put elite defenders on someone.

Now, I don’t remember what Steph’s averages were, but I’m betting at least over 23 points. If you don’t understand basketball, I don’t mean a stats sheet … If you don’t understand basketball, which is most people, then you will probably say that Curry needs a Finals MVP to validate who he is.. Because only then will you think, “Oh, this guy won the MVP of the Finals, he has to be the player that everything revolves around.” But now no one analyzes the game anymore. If you analyze the game, you can’t possibly say that Steph Curry needs a Finals MVP to validate who he is.

Some users picked up this portion of the podcast and tagged Durant on Twitter, expecting a rerun. The answer came: “From my point of view, it’s 100% false” KD said that Curry was doubled up much more than him. At that point, Green again intervened, replying to the former partner: “You have to listen to the whole speech, not the pieces. Otherwise you will fall into the trap and tweet, champion “.

The last word is still from Durant: “Oh, I’ve seen it all, brother. I appreciate the compliments, but I disagree with what you said about doubling up, that’s all. I love your show “.

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