Donovan Dzavoronok, a hammer for Trento

TRENTO-After the confirmations, here are the new grafts. The Trentino Volley market recorded the first entry transaction and it was immediately a blow that could clarify how much the Gialloblù Club wants to continue along the path undertaken during the last season; the purchasing campaign of summer 2022 is in fact inaugurated with the officialization of the Czech hammer Donovan Džavoronok. He signed a two-year contract.


Twenty-five years old, originally from Brno, he arrives in Trento after a long experience in the ranks of Vero Volley Monza, a club that brought him to Italy in 2016 and with which he has grown enormously, regularly comparing himself with the SuperLega. Physical and talented player, endowed with power and technique, Donovan represents the ideal profile to strengthen the Itas Trentino squad, being able to play the role of opposite and hitter indifferently. During the summer he is usually engaged in high level beach volleyball; currently he is preparing to play national and international tournaments; in 2018 paired with Weiss he also won the World Tour stage in Samsun (Turkey).
In his first six regular seasons of the Italian championship, Džavoronok has overall landed 1,958 balls in 170 games; only Nimir has made more. In the calculation, 210 batting points must also be reported, fundamental where it has long been at the top of the specific performance ranking.


«Getting to Trento for me means a lot, indeed everything. When I was little I didn’t have many models and idols, but one of these was certainly my compatriot Jan Stokr whom I saw playing and winning many trophies with this club. Since then I have always dreamed of being able to emulate his path and one day become an athlete of this Club. Now that all this is reality I feel really happy; after the long experience in Monza I wanted to stay in Italy and being able to do it in Trento is really the best. Knowing that this team will still use the module with three hitter is even more motivating for me, because with my characteristics I can really make a great contribution. I immediately imagined myself at ease in this team and with this type of game ».


«Donovan is a player who has made a very beautiful and important growth path in Monza. As with all things, he had considered his cycle with Real Volley closed and we were ready to take this opportunity to integrate the squad and to have a complete and physical player available. He obviously has significant margins for improvement, especially in attack, but he will be able to offer us great value in batting right from the start and we know it well because he has often had a lot of influence on this fundamental in the matches played as an opponent ».

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