La doppia faccia di Donnarumma: è più innamorato della Nazionale di quanto non lo sia stato del Milan
Gianluigi Donnarumma – for all Gigio – European champion with the national team at 22, is the predestined classic launched in Serie A by Mihajlovic when he was only 16 and wore the Milan shirt. Nobody can argue about his qualities, but yes, about his professional choices, especially after seeing him again in Mancini’s Italy. And, just rethinking his attachment to the National team, it is obvious to underline this positive aspect, which at the same time, however, indirectly highlights the other side of the coin of his decisions. In fact, there is almost the suspicion of being faced with a split in personality, with Gigio from the Rossoneri on one side and Donnarumma more blue than ever on the other.not only with the number one but also with the captain’s armband, like the world champion Buffon and above all Zoff, the only two-time champion in the world and in Europe.

Only a year ago Gigio certainly sinned in gratitude towards Milanrefusing a substantial increase in the salary to go to earn more in the PSG. Economic choice, legitimate for charity, but certainly not for life and even career, because Milan have won the Scudetto and aim to win in Europe too. All the AC Milan fans have thought so, appreciating even more his replacement Maignan who has not made us regret it up to now. Time will probably make it clear to everyone, to him first, that it would have been better if he had stayed at Milan, because Gigio is only 23 and can continue playing for another twenty if he follows Buffon’s example of professionalism., who compared to him had made his debut in Serie A and in the national team when he was a year and two older than him. Incidentally, Buffon gave him his place on 1 September 2016 in the friendly against France when Donnarunmma made his debut in the Ventura national team.

Since then he has quickly climbed all the positions, earning the place of title with Mancini who has changed all the players in the last three games with Argentina, Germany and Hungary, but not him because he considers him the best goalkeeper in Europe. Gigiowho had left Milan to earn more in France, now he does not give up his jersey in the national team even if he plays in blue without taking a single euro like his teammates. An attachment to the shirt that reached its peak in the last match against Hungary. Another in his place would probably have stayed in the stands, or even gone on vacation having a dislocated little finger on his left hand. Mancini, on the other hand, urged his recovery, without giving space to his substitutes Cragno and Meret, but above all he did not hold back and at the end of the game he said that he would also play with a broken hand for the blue shirt.

With that shirt, we underline, almost as if to say that the national team is the best, regardless of the money. And at this rate, since he is already 45 appearances, he will be able to reach the three goalkeepers who precede him in the blue presences: Zenga at 58, Zoff at 112 and Buffon at 176. With the hope that he will also win the World Cup, because Donnarumma is Italy’s number one and it will not be right to blow the whistle when he returns to San Siro on 23 September to play against England. Although in the end the doubt remains that Donnarumma is more in love with the national team than Gigio was with Milan.

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