Donnarumma è l'emblema di un'Italia presuntuosa e senza più certezze. E al PSG sarà ancora bagarre con Navas
A painful landing after having toyed with the idea that a massive informative of talented young people was enough to get closer to the stars reached and touched a little over a year ago with the unexpected apotheosis of Wembley. The humiliating knockout at the hands of Germany is the most classic of warnings to sailors that there is still a lot of work to be done to restore credibility to the national team after the World flop. An in-depth work that cannot be judged for the alternating fortunes of the young Italy in a particular competition such as the Nations League and with such an anomalous temporal location. A job that must start from the head first and that will have to quickly erase that sense of satisfaction and presumption that seems to have taken over a group that at some point felt infalliblestarting with its technical commissioner. And that has in Gianluigi Donnarumma, best player of Euro 2020, one of the emblems of the sudden descent into hell.

THE USUAL MISTAKES – The triumph at the European Championship represented for many members of that expedition the highest point of their careers and, in the case of the former AC Milan goalkeeper, the springboard to propose themselves on economically more satisfying stages. The first season away from Italy and the comfort zone, however, immediately presented a steep bill: the competition with Keylor Navas and the loss of certain securities. – including that of the holder’s post – their character limits quickly came to light of a boy who ran into a series of blunders that undermined his self-esteem. Errors that have the aggravating circumstance of repeating themselves with a certain frequency and with very similar dynamics, as if on certain overt imperfections one had not worked with the necessary meticulousness to reduce them as much as possible. That Donnarumma has problems managing the ball with his feet is not a mystery and the duck granted with Germany on the occasion of Werner’s goal is nothing more than a re-edition of what was combined only a few days ago in the initial phase of the match against England. . Just to refresh the memory of the distracted and touchy number one of our national team, particularly agitated even in the post-match interviews.

NAVAS RELAUNCHES THE CHALLENGE – Donnarumma has the advantage of being still very young and therefore having still unexplored margins for improvement in his way of playing the role, with or without feet, as long as the mental approach becomes that of a player and a finally mature boy. That come out of the shell that was created around him and which, rather than protect him, ended up exposing him to the first real difficulties without the necessary character consistency to overcome them without paying duty. We need to reset everything immediately, because next season is already upon us and to date, the internal challenge in Paris with Navas cannot be considered resolved: the PSG of the new sporting director Campos and who will have another coach in place of Pochettino will in fact return to the starting line with the same unsolved management problems of a locker room full of jealous stars of each other. It would take a step forward and go beyond certain logic, right Gigio?

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