Di Maria prefers Barcelona: Juve on stand-by

TURIN – Between Juve and Barcelona, Of Maria chooses the Rosario Central. At least on social media, the future of Fideo seems already drawn. Let’s explain: the Argentine champion, on vacation in his homeland, had his photograph taken wearing the yellow-blue jersey of his favorite team, personalized with name and number 11. All done, then? Not really, even if the shot was posted directly on the official account of the rosarino club. The Argentine fans are already looking forward to the return of their idol, although for the moment they will have to wait. The shot with the “Canallas” shirt, however, is not a sign of a short-term transfer market, but only a tribute from the club to the player; later, we’ll see. “Returning to Rosario Central is certainly one of my thoughts, it is a desire that I have never hidden and that I want to fulfill. I played it very little, I didn’t have the chance to have fun and give it my all»Confirmed Angel recently in an interview with TyC Sports. He will talk about it again in a year, as in the intentions of the player. For the coming season, the two options always remain Juve And Boat. Di Maria seems to prefer the Blaugrana and therefore keeps the Bianconeri on standby. The economic problems of the Catalans, however, still keep the Lady in the game: Barcelona must first reduce the amount of wages and collect from sales before being able to carry out new operations. And the wait for Fideo, who seems willing to wait for everything to be resolved in order to return to Spain, may not be infinite. So Juve remains in the running.

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

Juve-Kostic, the situation

From one outsider to another, always left-handed, that is Filip Kostic. The Serbian ofEintracht Frankfurt like, he is under observation by the Juventus transfer men who appreciate his quality and experience, considering him one of those players ready (he is a class of ’92) to be able to make the difference immediately. To free him, the request is about 20 million even if the Juventus club would not want to go beyond 15, given that his contract expires in 2023. With only one year remaining, therefore, a better figure can be achieved. Eintracht, however, does not give up and, sensing the danger of losing its star at low cost, decisive among other things in the victory of the Europa League, continues to work for the renewal: it has offered the player an almost double salary from 2.5 to 4 million per season. Will Kostic accept? The impression is that the Serbian only has Juve in mind and that he intends to make the definitive high jump of his career, competing in a big club, alongside, among other things, his friend. Vlahovic.

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