Di Maria-Juve, the background of overtaking Barcelona

TURIN Of Mariaincreasingly Boat. The road leading to the Fideo gets progressively more complicated for the Juve: now the Blaugrana have the advantage. It all happened quite quickly, precisely in the days when the positive turning point for the bianconeri should have been reached. The acceleration of the Barcelona was decisive and profitable: the Catalan club illustrated to the player the technical relaunch project that is underway at Camp Noualso through direct contact with the coach Xaviand said he was willing to comply with all the requests of Angel in terms of the time horizon of the agreement and engagement. A year of contract, therefore, as in the will of the Argentine, and with a salary of 7.5 million plus bonusesor when Juve would have offered but for two years, in order to take advantage of the tax benefits of the Growth Decree. The effect was quite immediate: it was a full-blown overtaking, so much so that Di Maria now seems more and more convinced by the prospect of returning to Spain for the last season in Europe before returning home and ending his extraordinary career at Rosario Central. Not the scenario expected and hoped for at the Keep going, in short, given that in these days a new appointment between the Juventus management and the player’s entourage would have to be staged to make a definitive decision. It was in or out, in short, and the eventuality that the deal would end was foreseen even if there was confidence in a positive conclusion of the affair. However, it has come to disrupt the plans the Barça offensive, able to fit into the moment of Juventus reflections and hesitations. Naturally, the last word belongs to Fideo, who does not seem to be in a hurry to choose and appears willing to wait for the Blaugrana until the right moment. The Catalans, in fact, must lighten the amount of wages to be able to register new purchases and therefore it takes time. Max Allegriwho is waiting for the Argentine with open arms, would instead like to act quickly: now, however, the Bianconeri are chasing and the mission is not easy at all …

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From Spain: “Juve careful, Di Maria is waiting for Barca”

Pogba-Juve, only the announcement is missing

No problem on the horizon, however, for the return of Pogba: all that’s missing is the announcement, expected in July. The Octopus is on vacation but getting ready to go back in Italy six years after the farewell in the direction Manchester. And in the meantime, in the United Stateshe told himself in an interview with “Uninterrupted”, a platform created by LeBron James to give a voice to the athletes: “My future? I’m taking my time, I’m thinking, putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I just want the best, I want to play football and be myself. I want to have fun doing what I do, otherwise I can’t give my best. This is what I am looking for. If I am in tune first of all with the team, with the fans, with the club that knows and loves you, I, like all players, can give my best. If you are mentally free and have fun, getting great results. You have to be comfortable where you play and with the people you play with. Is the most important thing”. And finding a place where he is more loved than at Juve is really difficult …

Great Argentina at Wembley: Lautaro, Di Maria and Dybala, Italy ko

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Great Argentina at Wembley: Lautaro, Di Maria and Dybala, Italy ko

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