Di Maria, Juve ready to raise taxes in order to close: the last ones

TURIN – Between one step forward and one step back, the match for Angel Of Maria is in progress. And it can still end anyway. Juve obviously hopes that it can end with a positive outcome. This is why we work at Continassa, to ensure that the Argentine’s reflections can lead him to choose to end the European adventure with the black and white shirt, letting go of the desire for Barcelona that has begun to waver in recent weeks. Putting order in the agenda, Di Maria is ready to return to Paris before the weekend, while his entourage records another step forward by the Juventus club: the offer can go up even for a single year of contract, reaching around 6.5- 7 million net plus bonuses to approach the requests presented by agent Lisandro Pirosanto. While pleasing Max Merry. Who has never had any doubts about who his first choice for the post-Dybala was since he learned of the possibility of getting to Di Maria, proposed by his manager once the PSG decision not to renew emerged.

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A cautious optimism is then filtered out of Continassa, the fact that the parties are continuing to work makes it clear that the “no, thank you” party has not yet won within the Di Maria clan. Indeed, the hope is that the resistance of Fideo can yield seeing how Juve has consolidated the will to go all the way despite this endless wait that at one point had leaked the hypothesis of an ultimatum. The Argentine is always focused only on the off er of a single season that Juve is taking steps to raise to convince him by going to 6.5-7 million net compared to the initial 5.5 million proposal, while the two-year one is able to help the Juventus club to take advantage of the tax advantages of the Growth Decree now seems to have slipped away from the negotiating table. The return to Rosario Central at the end of next season, in fact, is still central in the thoughts of Di Maria and his family, decisive in the choice of his next team to the point of not excluding a romantic return to Benfica (which also competes with Juventus of plans B, David Neres).


What about Barcelona? It’s still there, much closer than just in the background. All things being equal, Di Maria would go to the court of Xavi. Behind the long wait for him there would also be the will to allow the blaugrana club to put itself in a position to put forward an economic proposal that has not yet been formulated and that according to what was collected by the Argentine’s entourage would still be (much) lower than that of Juve. A key step in this sense is expected in the Barcelona shareholders’ meeting scheduled for tomorrow, when the search for a solution to the current debt situation will be discussed (500 million immediately needed) that is complicating a potentially super market (after Christensen and Kessie there Bernardo Silva, Koulibaly and especially Lewandowski are also in the sights). One solution under consideration is the sale of some shares of Blm (the part of the company that deals with retail and Barça Studios), which has already rejected an offer of 275 million. An easier but less convenient alternative is the one constituted by the CVC fund, which would settle the current debts immediately in the face of interest rates that would further complicate the future position. Something, however, must be done. And Di Maria also awaits this.


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