Deulofeu to Napoli, it's time for the final shot

There is an agreement with Deulofeu and it is already an excellent basis. Indeed an incentive to finalize the agreement with Udinese, on the launching pad after the contact between De Laurentiis and Pozzo. Two old football friends but also two presidents who pay attention to every detail, when it comes to treating and fixing and filing. The fact is that Gerard the Catalan is waiting for news, news of a future that the social people have already dyed blue by flooding the photos posted by the Ibiza buen retiro with messages. The capital of his holidays and the sweet expectation of a baby on the way and a brand new shirt to adapt to his jolly attack sizes. One who likes it even before starting to work: “come to us», Hundreds of fans write to him. And he, in the course of a kind of question and answer inaugurated on Instagram, after having dribbled practically all the market questions related to any option, makes an exception to the rule and pronounces himself on Napoli. What do you think, Gerard? “I have great respect, top company“. Words that in the middle of the market, in a moment defined as very delicate by the clubs, are worth a goal in reverse.

So, a joker for Spalletti. Yes, because Deulofeu can do a bit of everything and indeed with Udinese he also managed to do it well: winger, second striker, attacking midfielder and even the false nueve. It is easy to understand why Napoli has decided to focus on his talent and his experience of twenty-eight with a past in Milan, Everton, Sevilla and Barça. In Udine, however, he returned to the showcase by dint of goals (13), assists (5) and plays that reminded Europe that his value counts. A flair that has not always rhymed with continuity, it is true, but the fabric is fine and the occasion as well: the Champions League is a bonus; a runway crossed the last time in 2017 with Barcelona, ​​in the group stage with Juve at the Stadium. Other times. But emotions to relive: this is why the Azzurri offer is one that is worth a train, so much so as to be satisfied – so to speak – with a minimal retouching of the already important salary received with Udinese: from 2.8 million to 3 Until 2027.

The agreement between the clubs for Deulofeu

In short, there is an agreement with Gerard. And now all that remains is to file the distance that still keeps the two clubs separate: the first offer was close to 13 million in the face of an initial request of 25 million, but then working hard and the number of presidents, the gap has narrowed. Yes: the first contact between De Laurentiis and Pozzo was decisive, two who have spoken the same football language since Pampa Sosa: it floats between 15 and 18 million; we chat about bonuses, details and possible counterparts (the name of Ounas has also emerged, but nothing to do). The intention to close, in short, is all there, despite the fact that Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Tottenham, another club in the Champions League, have also asked for info on the precious piece of the Friuli home.

Deulofeu in Naples, a push for season tickets

Deulofeu, however, it met with the absolute approval of both Spalletti both of the people, in this phase rather agitated by all the news concerning Koulibaly and his companions: it would be worth a push in view of the launch of the new season ticket campaign, apparently expected in the last days of this month. We will see. In terms of goalkeepers, the free agent Ospina has also been compared to Boca: many teams, never Napoli again. Which in the meantime is fine-tuned the renewal with Meret: until 2027.

Mertens-Napoli, it's goodbye: the reaction of the fans on social media

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Mertens-Napoli, it’s goodbye: the reaction of the fans on social media

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