Deulofeu, the right choice to overcome the Insigne shock

Gerard’s story Deulofeu it is that of a predestined who, due to the strange events of which the game of football is full, becomes a post-destined. The whole process in the youth sector of the Barcelonathe debut in team B, the debut in the first team (even in Championscoach Pep Guardiola) and then the beginning of a strange path made of loans, one after the other, in an attempt to show a talent that has never been fully expressed. Talents were sensed that remained unspoken for too long. He did not have a defined role because he did not reach a level of quality that would allow him to impose himself. A little attacker, a little playmaker, a little winger. Before getting to Udineonly once (season 2018-19 in the Premier League col Watford) the Spaniard had arrived in double figures. Even in the six months of Milan (always owner, with Vincenzo Montella on the bench, from January to May 2017, except the last day) it was a pleasure to see him play with his incredible shots. But even in that piece of the season, he still has something unfinished. The most classic of “I would like but I can’t”.

In Udine, at the age of 28, Gerard Deulofeu it has finally reached that dimension that many observers of the barcellonist cantera had glimpsed over ten years ago. On a technical level, he is an extraordinary player. Napoli is about to buy it because Spalletti he needs a worthy replacement for Insigne. Here, if Deulofeu is really the player of this last season in Udine, on a technical level Napoli will not take a leap back by passing from its old captain to the Spaniard. The difference in characteristics is linked to the spaces: the Spaniard has a vital need to assert his speed, or better still, his technique in speed; the “Canadian” was precious even in the tightest spaces, even then he knew how to exploit them.

The presence of Deulofeu alongside Osimhen it could induce Spalletti to intensify the rapid verticalizations: the ball in depth at one of the two can create serious problems for any type of defense. The Spaniard has an enchanting right foot (and for this reason he is more often used on the left), he has dribbling, vision of the game, finishing and finishing. Thirteen goals and five assists in the last championship in a team that, while shining especially in the second half of the season, did not have the possibility of reaching, in terms of quantity and quality, the level of Napoli’s offensive production. In the Gulf Deulofeu will have to increase the number of goals. It is also in this respect that the long-distance duel with Insigne, a duel that the Spaniard will only be able to escape by starting off well. Since the 2015-16 championship, Lorenzo has gone under the double figures only twice and two seasons ago set his personal best of 19 goals. Deulofeu is a player who fully falls within Spalletti’s line of quality play, he is the right solution for a role that has had only one great performer for a decade.

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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