Del Piero: "Immobile loves to improve: as I liked"

ROME – He tried to imitate itit has admiredtook it as a point of reference. And today, years later, he can try to achieve it. If today so many children rejoice “to the Property”in fact, it is also because when he was their age Ciro did the same by celebrating his goals “to Del Piero“. A template which prompted him to always believe in it, to never give up. On the day of the farewell to football of the former captain of the Juventus, the Lazio striker posted a collage of two photos on social networks: one with him very small, posing with a young Alex in a national team suit; the other more recent, with both adults and established. «Many years have passed since this first photo together … I was just a child who looked at you with so much admiration, the same one I still have today. I wish I could be an example to today’s young people as you were for me », the caption written in support of those images.

Property and the record

A esteem infinite, that Del Piero he reciprocated with pride: «It’s true – he told Corriere dello Sport – we had the opportunity to see each other and also to talk to each other from a distance, broadcast on Sky, after some of his many goals, and he has always been very nice to me. I thank him and I’m glad. I believe that we can unite the mentality with which I see him fighting every time and, I repeat, working to improve over time, even at a more mature age ». Today, at 32, Property (182 goals) is preparing to start the championship that will probably allow him to reach and overcome his idol (188) in the ranking of markers all time Serie A: «I have no great jealousy for my records, on the contrary I am happy that they are being talked about and that there are those who can give their best to overcome them. So, when that happens, I’ll compliment him. ” Goals aside, it is a intertwining particularly the one that binds the two bomber. Yes, why Property as a teenager he had the opportunity to study up close his mythbecoming part of the Juventus youth sector and beginning to be part of the first team tour, in which Alex was already leader and driver at the time.

Lazio, Property awarded as the best forward in Serie A

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Lazio, Property awarded as the best forward in Serie A

The crossroads of destiny

The destiny he wanted it to be his myth to give him his place for three different beginnings, in Serie A (14 March 2009, at home with Bologna), in the Champions League (25 November 2009, away to Bordeaux) and in the Italian Cup (13 January 2010): «At the time – continues Alex – it was already clear that he had the physical structure and potential of a high-level player. Certainly it was not possible to foresee a career like the one he did, especially from the point of view of realization. And the continuity with which he manages to score and be decisive. Certainly it was understood that he had the attitude and humility necessary to always improve himself ». Quality which, however, did not prevent him, as was also the case with Del Pieroto receive criticism every time he wore the shirt of National: “Those are there and will always be there, I’ve never complained about them, even if they sometimes bother. As long as you are in the national team and you are among those who have the immense honor of wearing that shirt. I think this also applies to Ciro. He has won a European championship, and I am sure that he will still have opportunities to be a protagonist ».

Cyclone of the goal

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Cyclone of the goal

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