'Caro Canada, noi non giochiamo'. Anche l'equa retribuzione di genere nello sciopero dei nazionali canadesi
“Dear Canada”. The players of the Canadian national team have chosen the most traditional of formulas to communicate to the country the reason for the abstention from the friendly match against the national team of Panama. A passage characterized by a spirit of national commonality, almost intimistic, which, however, is an exception in terms of tones compared to the tones of the letter. The latter, in describing the reasons for the strike and the claims that inspire it, is instead very direct. And denounces a state of affairs thatas regards the management of the business generated by the activities of the Canadian national teams (and their recent successes) it is not fair towards players and women who play in the representative teams. Because of this the players have decided to abstain from both training and matches. The first, a friendly match, was missed yesterday. And now the two matches scheduled against Curaçao (June 9) and Honduras (June 13) are also at risk, which are official because they are related to the Concacaf Nations Cup. The remaining days are few and the margins for negotiation are very narrow. The global fool remains in the records, for a football movement that is rapidly growing and suddenly discovers that it is confronted with a growth crisis.

THE KNOTThe text of the letter open of Canadian footballers, reproduced in the Twitter account of Canadian journalist Rick Westhead, gives an account of the version of the footballers. All of whom speak of a stalemate in negotiations with the Canadian Football Association (Canada Soccer) for a more equitable distribution of the proceeds generated by the activities of the men’s and women’s national teams. With the addition of the request for equal treatment for players and playerswithout any gender discrimination, what led to the publication of another open letter with which the players thanked their colleagues. According to the version of the footballers, the federal leaders would have followed up with great delay to their requests for confrontation and finally would have come forward with a proposal deemed inadmissible. Hence the decision to desert the friendly match with Panama. Which, among other things, had been organized to replace another friendly match with the Iranian national team, canceled for political reasons. Returning to the open letter signed by the players, an important passage is dedicated to the role of Canada Soccer Business (CSB), an agency to which the federation has entrusted the management of its commercial assets. The players consider the effects of this agreement with CSB to be harmful, which provoked an immediate and piqued response from the agency.

GROWTH CRISIS – There are therefore the conditions of an acute conflict, the solution of which will not be easy given the tone used. And this happens just at the moment when Canadian football is experiencing a moment of unexpected growth. The men’s national team won the qualification for the final phase of Qatar 2022bridging an absence that had lasted since Mexico 1986. And even better did the women’s national team, which won gold in Tokyo 2020. Therefore, Canadian football has ceased to be the poor relative of the North American continent and this is happening close to the World Cup to be organized in association with the other two giants of Concacaf, namely Mexico and the USA. The 2026 World Cup will be the opportunity for the definitive high jump. But in the meantime the long run towards that historic appointment takes place in the sign of a conflict that got out of hand, a clear sign of a growth crisis. Which arrives in sufficient time to be addressed. Provided that the parties are able to find the conditions for dialogue.


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