De Ligt, the English are scary: Juve's offer

TURINChelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona: Everybody want De Ligt. The elite of European football has targeted the defense leader of Juve and dreams of the bang, just as Matthijs and the Lady they are working on the renewal of the contract expiring in 2024. A path that is proceeding calmly and which could now undergo a decisive acceleration. The threat of one super offer by some of the biggest clubs on the continent, the scenario of the Juventus market could in fact change. First of all, it would generate at least a reflection, in an era of economic hardship that requires operating with a view to budget sustainability; another aspect would be the reflections that this offensive could have from a technical point of view. There Juve in fact it already needs to fill the void left by Chiellini, which closed the extraordinary cycle of 17 seasons; also losing De Ligt, his designated heir, the talent on which he started three seasons ago to set up the renewal of the department, would be a huge blow. At the Keep going, at that point, it would be necessary to reinvest the proceeds in a very high profile purchase. Of the caliber of Koulibaly, to be understood. It is equally true, however, as Matthijs himself pointed out recently, that a change is needed because the results of the last two years have not been adequate to the status of Juve. «I always look to what is best for me in terms of a sporting project. Fourth consecutive place twice is not enough, we will have to make progress “. In short, clear words that followed the reasoning on the extension of the contract: “At the moment negotiations are underway and when the time comes I will decide whether to extend or look further”.

Chelsea, on the defense wish list is De Ligt

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Chelsea, on the defense wish list is De Ligt

Juve market, De Ligt and Chelsea

We need a Juve once again winning and firmly at the top to keep the champions. And De Ligt, in fact, is no exception. Where does the threat to the Dutchman come from? First of all from England and from Chelsea. Not a novelty, in truth, because i Blues in the recent past they had already moved but always found a wall. Now, with the advent of the new ownership, the maneuvers on the market are also taking off. Even the new owners of the London club have no problems in terms of spending power and are therefore ready to fulfill the requests of the coach. Thomas Tuchel which targeted both De Ligt and the Frenchman Koundé of Sevilla. And the tracks, among other things, would not be alternatives. On the horizon there is also the Liverpool: the crazy idea of Klopp it could be that of recomposing the titular couple in the club as well Dutch national teamwith De Ligt alongside Van Dijk. Third inconvenience, the Manchester United: the indication is not accidental and comes directly from the new coach of the Red Devilsthat Ten Hag who made De Ligt blossom in the days of Ajax. To Old Trafford however, they have less appeal than Chelsea and Liverpool: United, in fact, will not play the Champions League and, speaking of a sports project, this makes all the difference in the world. It’s not over, because there is also the Paris Saint Germain who is moving decidedly in search of a top-level central and De Ligt is in the thoughts of the Parisians like the Interista Skriniar. In the background, there is the Barcelonaburned three years ago by Juve at the finish line: the Blaugrana, however, before eventually sinking the blow, must lower the wage bill and find the necessary resources for a similar blow.

De Ligt, the clause

Now the ball goes to Juve and to Raffaela Pimentathe lawyer who manages the stable Raiola after the death of Mino, with whom there will be another appointment shortly. We will talk about renewal, starting from the Juventus proposal already on the table to arrive at 2026, spreading the salary from 8 million plus bonuses. The knot to be solved concerns the release clause, currently of 125 million, destined to rise to 140 next year. the entourage of De Ligt would like to remove, lowering the amount. The compromise could reach around 70-80 million. In practice, it would be the price of the possible sale. Immediate?

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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