De Ligt ko with Holland, Juve anxious.  Belgium, six goals to Poland!

The Belgium reverses the advantage of Poland and spreads, winning the second day of the Nations League with a large 6-1. The Poles delude themselves with the goal of the usual Lewandowski, who goes on the net after a ‘action inspired by Zielinski, but then collapse under the blows of Martinez’s national team: Witsel, De Bruyne, Trossard (brace), Dendoncker and Openda decide the match and give Belgium the first victory in the tournament. In the other challenge of group 4 of League A the Netherlands of De Ligt (released in the final due to injury)De Vrij and Hateboer beat Wales: it goes on with the seal of Koopemeiners, then he gets equalized in full recovery and almost at the end he scores 2-1. In League B Scotland and Ukraine win against Armenia and Ireland.

All the results of the Nations League

League A, Group 4: Belgium, 6-1 to Poland! Holland beat Wales: Koopmeiners scores

In Belgium the former Atalanta Castagne plays the owner, while Poland plays the “Italians” Dragowski, Zurkowski and Zielinski, in addition to the former Turin Glik. For twenty-eight minutes he attacks Belgium, but the Poles pass at the first lunge: excellent starting point Zielinski who starts the action ended in goal by Lewandowski. Roberto Martinez’s national team manages to equalize before the interval (42 ‘) thanks to the shot by Witsel, served in tow by Castagneand to overturn everything in the second half, at 59 ‘, when Hazard triggers De Bruyne that all alone places overtaking in the door. At 73 ‘and 80’ Trossard drops the three of a kind first and then the pokerat 83 ‘instead, after the entry of Zalewski, makes the five Dendoncker. The final 6-1 is by Openda. There is a lot of Italy in Holland too, which presents the Juventus player from the start in defense De Ligt and the Inter De Vrij and in midfield the Atalantians Hateboer and Koopmeiners together with the Bolognese Schouten. After a first half of substantial equilibrium, he thinks about it Koopmeiners to change the result with a right low shot and precise to the corner at 50 ‘. When Orange’s victory seems written and after De Ligt’s injury (he touched his knee), Norrington-Davies’ 1-1 is in full recovery and comes out in the area and heads the same. Over here? Not a chance. Two minutes pass and in the 94th minute Weghorst’s fish dive condemns Wales.

Classification: Netherlands 6, Belgium 3, Poland 3, Wales 0

Belgium-Poland scoreboard

Wales-Netherlands scoreboard

League B, group 1: Ukraine and Scotland win

Ukraine made its Nations League debut after the disappointment of exclusion from the World Cup at the hands of Wales and beat Ireland: the decisive goal in the 47th minute directly from a Cyhankov free-kick. In the same group he also won his debut for Scotland against Armenia: in the 28th minute he unblocked Ralston with a header and in the 40th minute McKenna doubled, goring the 2-0.

Classification: Scotland 3 (one race down), Ukraine 3 (one race down), Armenia 3, Ireland 0

Ireland-Ukraine scoreboard

Scotland-Armenia scoreboard

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