De Laurentiis and Koulibaly closest: Ramadani is in Rome

NAPLES Ramadani And De Laurentiis they are closer. In a strictly geographical sense, mind you: the agent, in fact, arrived in Italy a couple of days ago, was in Milan and then yesterday moved to Rome for work reasons. Issues that, however, at least for the moment, have not covered Koulibaly: in a single concept, no meeting with Napoli. However, the Kalidou knot remains of primary importance: Insigne has said goodbye and will go to Toronto, the renewal of Mertens has ended in a dead end and now all the spotlight is on the captain. The great totem of Spalletti: it is on him that Mr. Luciano would like to found the construction of the new era and it is of him that the president spoke and will have to speak again with his manager. The man with whom he will have to define a (sporting) destiny more crucial than ever for the present and future of the project: Koulibaly has declined the latest renewal offer signed by the club to extend the contract expiring in 2023, and therefore a five-year contract from 8 million gross per season, and then about ten days ago Ramadani himself released a few but heartfelt words: “There is no negotiation with other clubs: we are waiting to meet the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, to define the best solution for the player and for the club.“. The moment is – it seems – the right one.


So, how many stories: Mertens, of course, and then Kalidou. Especially him: Spalletti has said and repeated that some players are special, different from others for technical and human qualities and for a leadership built over the years, and it goes without saying that the future of the Napoli captain acquires more and more importance day after day. high. Fundamental, yes: Koulibaly is central to the coach’s ideas and also in the construction of the next season and indeed of the next ones, considering that the blue club has offered him a five-year renewal, however the new guidelines are centered on the abatement of the amount of salaries and so the expected salary is decidedly lower than the current one. Which exceeds 6 million euros net between fixed base and bonus.

The scenarios

From Spain, in the meantime, Barça has expressed its interest in Kalidou, but De Laurentiis first declared that he had not received offers and then added a detail: «Barcelona have not contacted me and I even believe that they have prevented them from making the transfer market for a certain periodHe said to the microphones of the Twitch channel, Jijantes Fc. The basic valuation of Napoli, among other things, is 40 million euros, and the negotiation margins remain small despite the expiry date of the contract: considering that Koulibaly has also declined the renewal proposal, and that in the absence of new agreements or offers deemed appropriate it could play its last season on expiry, a meeting could prove to be decisive. The days available, however, are not too many but they seem sufficient even if Ramadani leaves Rome: the president, in fact, will fly to the States at the beginning of next week. And at the time, yes, they will be further away again.

Naples, Koulibaly remains or part?

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Naples, Koulibaly remains or part?

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