De Ketelaere-Berardi, attacking midfielders from Milan

Leao and the certainty. But the rest of the Rossoneri trocar needs a quality injection. There wager Brahim Diaz, beyond a dazzling start, it did not perform as expected. It’s on the right, Saelemaekers has had a fluctuating season, so much so that it often gives way to Messias, which, in turn, ignited intermittently. In short, it is in that department that we need to intervene. And it is there that, in all likelihood, the coup of the Rossoneri summer will be scored. On notebook from Maldini And Massara there are already several names. They range from a young talent like De Ketelaerehowever already very expensive, to an element of greater experience, such as Berardi. Furthermore, the situation of Zaniolo is monitored with great attention, trying to guess the intentions of Rome. In the background, but up to a certain point, there is also Lang, De Ketelaere’s teammate at Bruges: it is not only a plan B, but, under certain conditions, it could also become a further addition.

Milan’s extraordinary shots

As soon as 21 years made last March, De Ketelaere is literally a shot by Maldini and Massara. Basically he is an attacking midfielder, but he is able to start from a more decentralized position, preferably on the left, and then converge in the center. He has shots of absolute value that have already showcased him. So much so that the Bruges does not rate it less than 40 million of Euro. This is the main obstacle, given that no technical counterparts can even be included in the operation. What is more, the Belgian club would like to keep him for another season, so that his quotation grow further. At that point, however, the level of competition would eventually rise, complicating the Devil’s plans. This is why the Rossoneri managers would like to speed up the times.

Berardi, will there be the jump?

The quotation is not very different than the Sassuolo attributes to Berardi, what’s more, returning from an excellent season. As characteristics, it is probably the ideal profile, going to place itself on the right wing, being able from there to use his left foot to go to the conclusion or to dialogue with the first striker. To the disadvantage of Berardi, however, there is theage. Not that his almost 28 years (birthday on August 1st) make him old, but it is certainly less futuristic than De Ketelaere. Indeed, perhaps, it has just now reached its full potential, which in any case could be exalted with the leap into a large square. And this could also be his last occasion. In favor of him, however, there is the fact that with Sassuolo there would be greater freedom of maneuver, both as regards the final formula of the operation and in the willingness to insert a technical counterpart. Then it is clear it will also depend on the will by Berardi himself.

Lang and the self-nomination

As already mentioned, regarding Zaniolocurrently the Milan he observes, waiting to understand the evolution of the situation. The Romanista certainly has his admirers both in Milanello and in via Aldo Rossi, but real moves have not yet been made. And then the easiest front remains that of the almost 23-year-old Lang, which, unlike De Ketelaere, Bruges is ready to give up immediately. Indeed, the person concerned has already spoken for former: «I’m ready to go. I warmed up and gave color to Belgian football. When I’m gone, you will miss me. Next season you will cry and pray that there is a new Noa Lang in the Jupiler League ». The operation for theexternal Dutch it can be closed for 20-22 million. But in the case of a package with De Ketelaere, perhaps, a special price could be snatched.

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