De Angelis will be the free rider of Tinet Prata

PORDENONE– Carlo De Angelis will be the new “Defense Minister” of Tinet Prata version 2022-2023. The twenty-six year old native of Formia will reinforce the second line of the team entrusted to Dante Boninfante bringing as a dowry, in addition to undoubted technical skills, also the experience gained in many years of Superlega and Serie A2. De Angelis, in fact, comes from Trentino Volley, his authentic volleyball home, given that in the club chaired by Bruno Da Re he spent most of his volleyball “life”. When he reached the Trentino court of thirteen, he made the whole path of the youth sector in the yellow-blue sector, taking away the satisfaction of taking home 5 youth championships, a Boy League, a Junior League and two Regional Trophies (one of which was beach volleyball).
He arrives in the first team in 2015 and then goes to gain experience first in A2 in Bergamo and then in A1 in Latina. Then the return to the base, where he has played in the last four seasons, enriching his enviable curriculum in recent years with a Club World Cup, a Cev Cup and an Italian Super Cup.
A luxury reinforcement for the Tinet that will be born, also favored by Carlo’s personal acquaintance with DG Dario Sanna, who met him at the Trentino Big Camp and Dante Boninfante who trained him in his Trentino years.


Direct acquaintance with DS and technician was important but I was particularly amazed when I was able to personally see Tinet’s follow-up during the Coppa Italia, as they were playing right after us on that occasion. I did not think that an A3 Series would be able to generate such involvement and this I do not deny that it had a certain effect on me. Then after being contacted by the club at the beginning of the volleyball transfer market, I appreciated the project and I had no great hesitation in accepting it ».

What do you think of the team that is forming?

«The fact that it has a young and quality base gives me hope. I think this is an important factor for a championship like A2, because young players grow rapidly and consequently the team improves with them ».

What kind of championship can we expect?

«It will certainly not be an easy championship because the level has continually risen. We must not forget that Prata is still a newly promoted one, so we will have to roll up our sleeves from day one to immediately find the rhythm that the championship requires. In this way we will be able to score points immediately to be able to face a calm championship afterwards, even if we are aware of the difficulties and the need to stay on track at all times ».

On the personal side, what are your expectations?

«I hope to give my contribution to the team and try to bring to my teammates some of the experience I have been able to live in these Trentino years: training with the best in the world, top-level matches and feeling psychologically. Obviously I will also have to bring my technical contribution ».

What do you remember about Dante as an assistant coach?

«In the two years we did together in Trento we had a very close relationship because as an assistant in training he took care of all the technical parts of us younger boys. Ours is a consolidated relationship and I am happy to be able to work there again because I know his working methods and I appreciate them ».

Is there any manager who has been particularly important for your training as a player?

«These last 4 years with Lorenzetti have marked me both from the technical and the human side. He was a true volleyball father both for his technical notions and for his being a “philosopher coach”. Working with him for 4 years was a unique experience and a real fortune ».

How would you describe yourself as a player?

“There are a couple of significant fundamentals in my role. I believe I am a free receiver because receiving is what comes easier and I enjoy it even more. Aware of this in recent years I have worked a lot to improve my defensive qualities as well. This year I would like to continuously test the improvements I have made after all this work on the pitch ».

How is Carlo off the pitch?

“I think I’m a normal and very calm guy. I love sport in all its forms. I watch football in particular, cheering for Juventus, and tennis where Federer is one of my idols. I don’t mind the NBA and I appreciate Steph Curry because he physically he is not a monster, but he has built an enviable career by exploiting other talents ».

Now all that remains is to go back to the gym …

«I am enthusiastic because I have tasted the PalaPrata climate both live and seeing the videos posted on the company social networks and I can’t wait to try it for myself. This heat, especially after the Covid years, is an added value and it is nice to be cultivated “.

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