Cremonese, Alvini: 'Essere qui è una soddisfazione enorme. Mercato? Mi fido della dirigenza. Squadra con grande qualità'

Massimiliano Alvininew coach of the Cremoneseintervened in the Press conference presentation.

HOW TO ARRIVE TO SALVATION – “Nothing should be sacrificed. Last year Pecchia made a masterpiece. I will also carry on his ideas because they have been successful, I am convinced that maintaining the category is important, as well as continuing on a winning path like that of Fabio, who he was able to win a championship with teams that had superior squads on paper. It will take work, humility and sacrifice “

ON THE PHRASE HE SAID – “There is nothing more beautiful than getting up in the morning and doing what you love” – ​​”Awakening today was exciting, many years of sacrifice and journey pass through you. Having the opportunity to coach in Serie A makes you watch back and reflect. I started by saying that this is the past and today there is a new starting point, it was certainly a novel journey “

HISTORY OF CREMONESE – “I know many things, I am linked to Cremonese di Vialli and Gigi Simoni, with whom I have also spoken a few times. That was a pleasant team, I also saw your play-off with Livorno. Being the Cremonese coach in Serie A is gratifying . Cremonese is from 1903, has an important history and being on such a bench is an honor. Giacchetta and I went to Albinoleffe like Mondonico, meeting up there first and now it’s pleasant here “

CONTINUE WITH THE GREEN LINE – “Yes, it certainly helps to have young people who want to grow. It is a line that I absolutely love”

SERIES A OPPORTUNITY FOR PLAYERS – “Surely, those who have reached it must know that it must be fully exploited”

BRINGING PLAYERS WHO HAS TRAINED IN CREMONA – “Last year Perugia was a strong and very well built team, there are certainly excellent players and the merit of the great result we have achieved is theirs. Certainly some of them can play in a higher category, but we don’t have any with the directors still spoken. Anyway I don’t think “

TUSCAN COACHES IN SERIES A – “I am the last from this point of view, I arrive now and I arrive there with great humility on tiptoe. I am aware of the great responsibility that I carry inside, with joy and pleasure. When the official announcement arrived yesterday I received a lots of messages to which I have yet to answer from friends, colleagues and former footballers. The most beautiful are those of my players in the days of the Amateurs, I thank them and I was also lucky enough to get here. This can be a hope for all of them: starting from the bottom, with sacrifices and victories, extraordinary results can be achieved “

GAME STYLE – “In 21 years of career I have studied continuously. We will see the players available and then we will make our evaluations. Playing three is not like playing four, we will also evaluate the physical and psychological qualities of the squad and then we will structure our idea. open to everything “

MARKET – “I trust the directors and anything is fine”

REQUEST TO PLAYERS – “First of all to have fun, football is a game. We are privileged to be able to do this. My players certainly have enormous luck. If I get here today it is because I owe it to my players, to the directors with whom I have worked and to the clubs. I will ask him to want to continually improve himself every day, take care of the details and not be mediocre players. A professional cannot be mediocre in the values ​​that football transmits ”

THE REASON WHY THE CLUB BETS ON ALVINI – “I don’t know, I am very sincere and direct. What I say is what I think, I am grateful to the property and to the Knight. Yesterday there was a meeting of an hour and a half, I went out enriched and be here today it is pleasant. I like to be someone who transmits, fascinates and feeds on that. Maybe they saw something in me, inside me I felt the call as something important as it was last year and that of Reggiana. I’m ready “

MESSAGE TO THE FANS – “I don’t make any promises, I only promise work, humility, determination, desire to do well and get involved. This is what has accompanied me on my path. Transmitting empathy between me and the team, the club, the fans. This is a word that perhaps many do not understand. Where I have been lucky enough to coach I have always tried to bring empathy between the team and the fans. In my every word and attitude there is this. It can be seen as an act of pandering, but not it is so. It is to create alchemy to create something important and I want to do it here too. I did it in Perugia and Reggio, I believe that empathy is fundamental to bring out something extraordinary. These are the values ​​I would like broadcast here too. I want to see the fans say “Let’s go to Cremo”

CALENDAR AND PHYSICAL PREPARATION – “I have already discussed it with the staff, 52 days of rest are anomalous and it has never happened in football. We will have to make adjustments and we are working on it”

THE DEFENSIVE APPROACH – “The idea is to attack forward, be strong in the physical duel and work on the double, 1 vs 1. Working in numerical equality and covering the ball as much as possible, are some ideas that we want to put into our path”

LAST DAYS – “I am grateful to Cremonese for bringing me here, but I am also grateful to Perugia for giving me the opportunity. I will carry within me a thousand facets of what was the wonderful experience of last year. From my point of view, it is necessary to do a distinction between the man Massimiliano, who certainly made a decision that is difficult on a sentimental level, but on the other side there is the professional Alvini who could not fail to take the opportunity that Cremonese gave him. it’s no betrayal, just an opportunity to coach in Serie A. For someone who has made a journey like me, who feeds on football, having this chance is the greatest aspiration. “

THE CREMONESE OF LAST YEAR – “Beautiful, unpredictable and with an enormous technical quality. I remember very well that in the pre-match conference of Cremonese-Perugia I said that the grigiorossi would go far and the facts proved me right. She went to Serie A deservedly. we want to do it ourselves, we want to fight for salvation through our ideas and with our style. We absolutely want to reach salvation and we will certainly work every day “

HIS FOOTBALL – “I think this is a great starting point, this is fundamental. The idea that I have had in these long years of development is that of wanting to play dynamic, aggressive football, dominate it with and without the ball. Surely always try to be dominant in the game. match”

PART ALVINI. THE BIRTH OF THE NEGOTIATION AND THE ARRIVAL IN SERIE A – “Being here is a huge pleasure and satisfaction, being able to speak as a Serie A coach. I am very happy, I reach this milestone after many years, but for me this is a starting point and not an arrival. I thank the owners, the Cavaliere Arvedi and the directors for having done everything. They strongly wanted me and for me being here is gratifying and I am very grateful to him. For me it is fantastic “

SPEAK BRAIDA – “Cremonese has a path ahead, which for me began a year and a half ago. Last season was a difficult season, but we saved ourselves. Then we achieved this great milestone, bringing Cremonese back to Serie A after 26 years. arrived with the enthusiasm that always distinguishes a team that reaches the top flight and there is still the desire to work and struggle to maintain the category. We thought of Alvini because our social reality and our territory is one of effort and work, where the watchword is “humility, humility, humility”. This we must have in mind, a value and an awareness that we will have to work hard and we know what we are facing. There will be many difficulties, we must prepare by remaining united. patron to the warehouse keeper. We want to make a competitive Cremonese, we hope to be able to give our coach the opportunities we will have on the market, which will be complicated and difficult, to ensure that he has the necessary tools re to work in the best conditions. We will need to be united to overcome all the difficulties we will face “

SPEAK JACKET – “For us today is a special day, today the new season officially begins, which sees us in Serie A, we have been missing for a long time here in Cremona and for Cremonese it is a pride to be able to participate. It was not easy, it was possible thanks to property that has put us in a position to work in a serene and positive way. As for the new season, the coach is mister Massimiliano Alvini, whom we have all known facing him as an opponent as a coach of Perugia and we know something about it, because we came out battered by these two intersections. I know him from having had some time in Albinoleffe, I know how he works and I know him personally. That experience was positive for both of us, to tell the truth the relationship with Alvini was interrupted and he was also one of the few technicians I have Today Alvini has shown that he deserves the awards and the categories he has done, he is a coach who does not have a past as an illustrious player, but has all you the qualities of those who have not played football at certain levels. Starting with the Amateurs, he has won championships in almost all the categories in which he has trained and we are facing a young and emerging technician, who is talented, modern. Obviously he is a rookie, but to measure ourselves in this mission we needed capable people with a contagious enthusiasm, who can spread from the first to the last moment. This choice was supported and shared by Ariedo Braida, and it is important because he has a great deal of experience which in these passages proves to be fundamental. With great strength and sharing we proposed this to the club and today we are here to present it “

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