Courmayeur, Vecchi makes an encore with the Italian saber team title.  In the men's historic triumph of the Army

COURMAYEUR – The program of the Italian Absolute Championships 2022 ended today with the last two competitions dedicated to the men’s and women’s team saber, in which the Army with Gabriele Foschini, Giovanni Repetti and Emanuele Nardella and the Fiamme Gialle with Irene prevailed. Vecchi, Benedetta Fusetti, Beatrice Monaco and Camilla Mancini. Historic Army title in the men’s saber, for the first time on the top step of the podium in the team competition. Success came thanks to the trio made up of Gabriele Foschini, Giovanni Repetti and Emanuele Nardella, who in the final won 45-40 over the Carabinieri Matteo Neri, Edoardo Cantini, Federico Riccardi and Giacomo Mignuzzi. Previously both semifinals were heart-pounding with two assaults that ended only at the last jab: the Carabinieri recovered from the Fiamme Oro with a final fraction by Matteo Neri who recovered from Luca Curatoli from 42-44 to 45 -44, on the other side the Army with Giovanni Repetti reassembled from even further away on Francesco D’Armiento, from 41-44 to 45-44. The third place went to Luca Curatoli, Pietro Torre, Luca Fioretto and Riccardo Nuccio of the Fiamme Oro, who were the outgoing champions and who did not compete in the final for the withdrawal of the Fiamme Gialle (Francesco D’Armiento, Lugi Samele, Lorenzo Ottaviani ): Luigi Samele, after the efforts of the individual test won yesterday, in agreement with his teammates and with all the staff, in fact, preferred not to take part in the match.

Great team victory for the Fiamme Gialle in the women’s competition with an unprecedented and experimental formation composed of the sabers Irene Vecchi and Benedetta Fusetti and the foil players Beatrice Monaco and Camilla Mancini who for the occasion tried another weapon. The girls led on the bench by Enrico Berrè in the semifinals overcame the Army of Chiara Mormile, Benedetta Baldini, Caterina Navarria and Eleonora Candeago 45-41 and, in the final, they won the title against Sofia Ciaraglia, Martina Criscio, Eloisa Passaro and Lucia Stephanie of the Gold Flames. The assault had begun in favor of the quartet of the Fiamme Gialle, who found themselves in the lead 15-3, then the policewomen tried to get closer especially thanks to the fractions of Sofia Ciaraglia, who closed with a +8 and went ahead on 35-33. The last partial of Benedetta Fusetti and the closure of Irene Vecchi, however, put the situation in their favor and allowed the financiers to win the race. Third place for the team that held the title, the Air Force of Michela Battiston, Rebecca Gargano, Claudia Rotili and Alessia Di Carlo: the airmen against the Army were under 40-44, but thanks to the last fraction of a wild Michela Battiston managed to climb up and grab the podium at the last hit 45-44.


The final
Army b. Carabinieri 45-40

Final 3/4 place
Gold Flames b. Yellow Flames – withdrawal

Carabinieri b. Gold Flames 45-44
Army b. Yellow Flames 45-44

Gold Flames b. Air Force – withdrawal
Carabinieri b. Rome Fencing Club 45-30
Army b. Oreste Clean Lucca Fencing 45-21
Yellow Flames b. Virtus Fencing Bologna 45-26

Ranking (12): 1. Army, 2. Carabinieri, 3. Fiamme Oro, 5. Virtus Scherma Bologna, 6. Club Fencing Rome, 7. Oreste Puliti Lucca Fencing, 8. Aeronautica Militare


The final
Yellow Flames b. Gold Flames 45-41

Final 3/4 place
Military Air Force b. Army 45-44

Gold Flames b. Air Force 45-42
Yellow Flames b. Army 45-41


Gold Flames b. Champ Napoli 45-21
Military Air Force b. Rome Fencing Club 45-35
Yellow Flames b. Frascati Fencing 45-43
Army b. SS Fencing Lazio Ariccia 45-22

Ranking (12): 1. Yellow Flames, 2. Gold Flames, 3. Air Force, 4. Army, 5. Frascati Fencing, 6. Club Fencing Rome, 7. Champ Napoli, 8. SS Fencing Lazio Ariccia

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