Courmayeur, the team sword is the stuff of Fiamme Oro: one-two world championship

In the men’s sword it is the third consecutive title for the policemen who, after the 2019 and 2021 championships, won again this year by overcoming the Air Force of Matteo Tagliariol, Paolo Pizzo, Enrico Piatti and Andrea Vallosio with a score of 45 in the final. -31. The attack remained in a draw until the fifth set (22-22), then in the sixth Davide Di Veroli scored a 5-0 over Enrico Piatti and from there began the growth of the Fiamme Oro, which in the next fraction they put in the field Fichera, second yesterday in the individual match, which recorded a 7-3 over Vallosio and then Cuomo, who with 6-2 over Piatti paved the way to victory. The quartet of the Air Force had reached the final overcoming the Army thanks to an amazing performance by Enrico Piatti, who was under 24-31 and was able to recover and win at priority 35-34 against Gabriele Cimini. The boys of the Army (the aforementioned Cimini, Fabrizio Cuomo, Giacomo Paolini and Valerio Grasselli) then made up for it by climbing on the third step of the podium to the detriment of the Parthenopean Fencing Club, defeated 45-30 in the final.

Dominio Fiamme Oro also for women with the team composed of Alberta Santuccio, Giulia Rizzi, Gaia Traditi and Eleonora De Marchi, with Alice Clerici out due to injury, who first beat the Circolo della Scherma Terni 45-24 (Barbara Capoccia, Elena Ferracuti, Eleonora Sbarzella, Silvia Liberati) and then, in the final, they faced the Air Force of Federica Isola, Alessandra Bozza, Carola Maccagno and Beatrice Cagnin, winning 27-25. The match was decided only in the last fraction when, still on 20 equal, it was the turn of Alberta Santuccio and Federica Isola to relive the final of yesterday’s individual: the outcome was different this time and the Catania team brought her team to the victory by stopping the teammate. Reigning Army champions Mara Navarria, Roberta Marzani, Nicol Foietta and Sara Maria Kowalczyk finished in third place.

Tomorrow the saber program will come alive with the men’s and women’s individual competition.


The final
Gold Flames b. Air Force 45-31

Final 3/4 place
Army b. Parthenopean Fencing Club 45-30

Gold Flames b. Parthenopean Fencing Club 45-29
Military Air Force b. Army 35-34

Gold Flames b. Marchesa Academy Turin 45-32
Parthenopean Fencing Club b. Forlì Fencing Club 45-38
Army b. Formia Fencing Club 45-19
Military Air Force b. Rome Fencing 45-34

Ranking (12): 1. Fiamme Oro, 2. Military Air Force, 3. Army, 4. Parthenopean Fencing Club, 5. Marchesa Turin Fencing Academy, 6. Rome Fencing, 7. Forlivese Fencing Club, 8. Formia Fencing Club


The final
Gold Flames b. Air Force 27-25

Final 3/4 place
Army b. Circolo della Fencing Terni 45-30

Gold Flames b. Circolo della Fencing Terni 45-24
Military Air Force b. Army 26-27

Gold Flames b. Rome Fencing 45-25
Circolo della Fencing Terni b. Methodos 45-43
Army b. Treviso fencing 45-28
Military Air Force b. Cesare Pompilio Genoa 45-28

Ranking (11): 1. Fiamme Oro, 2. Air Force, 3. Army, 4. Circolo della Fencing Terni, 5. Fencing Treviso, 6. Methodos, 7. Cesare Pompilio Genova, 8. Rome Fencing

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