Courmayeur, the saber belongs to the Fiamme Gialle: Samele and Vecchi Italian champions

Fourth Italian title for Luigi Samele, the third consecutive for the foggiano who, after the Olympic silver in Tokyo 2020, continues his golden moment. Final anything but obvious for the bearer of the Fiamme Gialle who, against his roommate at Virtus Bologna Matteo Neri, found himself chasing for a good part of the match: the 1999 class of the Carabinieri had moved forward until 13- 9, but Samele then managed to recover one point at a time and, having reached Neri on 14, he put the winning thrust that brought him once again on the top step of the podium at the Absolutes. Excellent race for Neri, who last year was third and who this time improved thanks to the victory in the semifinal against Luca Curatoli, beaten 15-9. To complete the podium also Gabriele Foschini of the Army, who arrived among the best four after eliminating Riccardo Nuccio delle Fiamme Oro 15-14 in the quarterfinals and then defeated by Samele 15-11. Fifth place for the world silver under 20 Pietro Torre delle Fiamme Oro, the youngest of the top 8.

Irene Vecchi returns in style in the women’s test and does so by winning her second Italian championship after the one in 2014. The Livorno woman in the semifinals beat Sofia Ciaraglia delle Fiamme Oro 15-7 in an assault that started uphill from a 6-1 in favor of the opponent and in which the athlete of the Fiamme Gialle was able to put his signature. Same script in the final, where the blue suffered the initial attacks of Eloisa Passaro (Fiamme Oro), but in which the experience was felt and allowed her to close the accounts on 15-9. Third place for Michela Battiston of the Air Force, who does not come off the podium that last year saw her second behind Rossella Gregorio, who is absent today. Fifth the other blue Martina Criscio, eliminated one step away from the semifinal by Battiston with a score of 15-12. Tomorrow the last day of competition with the men’s and women’s saber team trials.

The final
Samele (Yellow Flames) b. Neri (Carabinieri) 15-14

Neri (Carabinieri) b. Curatoli (Gold Flames) 15-9
Samele (Yellow Flames) b. Foschini (Army) 11-15

Neri (Carabinieri) b. Foil (Gold Flames) 15-9
Curatoli (Gold Flames) b. Tower (Golden Flames) 15-11
Samele (Yellow Flames) b. Sbragia (Oreste Puliti Lucca Fencing) 15-11
Foschini (Army) b. Nuccio (Gold Flames) 15-14

Ranking (40): 1. Luigi Samele (Fiamme Gialle), 2. Matteo Neri (Carabinieri), 3. Luca Curatoli (Fiamme Oro), 3. Gabriele Foschini (Army), 5. Pietro Torre (Fiamme Oro), 6. Riccardo Nuccio (Fiamme Gold), 7. Luca Fioretto (Fiamme Oro), 8. Stefano Sbragia (Fencing Oreste Puliti Lucca)


The final
Vecchi (Yellow Flames) b. Passaro (Gold Flames) 15-9

Passaro (Gold Flames) b. Battiston (Air Force) 15-14
Vecchi (Yellow Flames) b. Ciaraglia (Gold Flames) 15-7

Battiston (Air Force) b. Criscio (Gold Flames) 15-12
Passaro (Gold Flames) b. Arpino (Fire Brigade) 15-5
Vecchi (Yellow Flames) b. Viale (Champ Napoli) 15-7
Ciaraglia (Gold Flames) b. Gargano (Air Force) 15-12

Ranking (42): 1. Irene Vecchi (Fiamme Gialle), 2. Eloisa Passaro (Fiamme Oro), 3. Michela Battiston (Air Force), 3. Sofia Ciaraglia (Fiamme Oro), 5. Martina Criscio (Fiamme Oro), 6. Giulia Arpino (Fire Brigade), 7. Rebecca Gargano (Air Force), 8. Mariella Viale (Champ Napoli)

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