Count between Lukaku and Inter: after Perisic he also wants Romelu at Tottenham

MILAN – Antonio With you has blown toInter Ivan Perisicseduced with a two-year deal worth 6 million euros net, and aims to buy Alessandro as well Sticks, which for the moment resists, firm in its will not to leave Milan. Finished? Absolutely no. The technician of the Tottenhamstrong in qualification for the next Champions League, he wants to build a team that can win the Premier League and he also asked Romelu Lukakuthe number one goal of Inter to strengthen theattack. It is not a question of ruthlessness or desire for revenge of the Salento towards his former team: the Belgian has always been his player hinge and it was he who brought him to Milan, “forcing” Zhang to pay € 75 million to United. Now Antonio would like to train him again at the Spurs to make up with Kean a tandem all kilos and centimeters. Would the two have similar technical characteristics and would they risk having little feeling? Not second With you that before the lockdown, when Martinez seemed close to a transfer to Barcelona in the summer of 2020, for his replacement to Marotta and Ausilio he had asked Vlahovic. L’idea of two physically strong points, skilled backs to goal and ready to make … war on every high ball, therefore, has always had it.

Inter-Lukaku, work is being done on the Belgian's return

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Inter-Lukaku, work is being done on the Belgian’s return

Bad news for Inter

The inclusion in the deal Lukaku of the Lecce coach is not good news for theInter that already starts from disadvantaged conditions or the impossibility of buying the player’s card due to lack of money. The flame of the hope for the viale della Liberazione club is kept alight by Big Rom’s desire to return to Milan where he was well and lived two unforgettable seasons. It is he who has made the commitment to force his hand with the Chelsea, trying to snatch the free loan for one year. If he gets it by June 30 (very complicated), Inter could count on the advantages of the Growth Decree and pay less taxes; otherwise, from 1 July onwards, taxes would rise. L’former nerazzurri number 9 is ready to press on Tuchel, the one who at this moment, waiting for a new ds, decides the Blues market. However, it is complicated to obtain the yes to the free loan before the negotiations officially begin. Also because Bayern Munich and Barcelona are looking for a weight center forward and even Conte has come out in the open to embrace his protégé again. Will he try a shock offer maybe at the end of the market?

A thread of hope

Lukaku – yesterday engaged in Nations against Holland, he left after half an hour due to injury – he is not the player you can easily convince: to change his jersey, he wants to be the one to decide the new destination, to be attracted to the project. Especially after getting “burned” with the return to Chelsea, a mistake paid dearly with the farewell to beloved Italy. Inter have his total approval, but it seems complicated that Big Rom can answer no to With you if the “old master” will call him. He shouldn’t even change cities, even if those around him assure him that he is too Milan to miss him. Not only Serie A and the Nerazzurri shirt. The Tottenham of course he would buy Lukaku Whyunlike Marotta and Ausilio, Paratici i money to close the operation he has them and this puts him in an advantageous situation. Sure Tuchel would find Romelu faced like opponent in Premier, but he would have a pretty “swollen” bank account and could go in search of a replacement. No loan not even for Barcelona and Bayern, but purchase of the card. All suitors ahead in the race compared to Inter who, however, does not break down and awaits the evolution of events. Indeed, the moves of Lukaku, the only one who can make a difference in Zhang’s favor.

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