Commissioni agli agenti, in arrivo il decreto FIFA: ecco cosa cambierà nel 2023

After the diatribes of recent years, arising from the power of the agents on commissions earned by agents in the various market operations of the last decade, the FIFA has decided to intervene. This, for FIFA, is a first-rate necessity, with Gianni Infantino who hopes to be able to put an end to this problem that affects the world of football in an ever more consistent way.

THE TIMINGS – The FIFA Council is working on the approval of the text known as the Agents Regulationwhich should be valid starting June 2023, to avoid vicissitudes such as those that have characterized the market in the last decade. There next market sessionwhich will open on 1 July 2022, it will not be affected by these new rules. The date for approval has not yet been indicated, but in all likelihood by the end of the summer everything will be defined.

WHAT IT PROVIDES – Among the different rules that will be introduced with the approval of the text, there will be points such as the establishment of a ceiling for feeswith the aim of avoiding illegal practices; the disclosure of every detail of the work done by transfer agents with the intention of increasing the transparency of the various operations; Luse of the new Fifa clearing house for the payment of all fees, to increase the comprehensibility, the evidence and the clarity of the different transactions. In addition to these measures, on which the text will be based, FIFA will also publish an official list of agents involved in the world of football and their agencies, to make available to anyone the possibility of verifying the people with whom negotiations and contacts take place.

PAST IS PRESENT – The idea of ​​FIFA, therefore, is to repair a system that was made up of misunderstandings and problems. Absolute protagonist in this modus operandiwas Mino Raiola, who imported this way of carrying out operations in modern football. Among the operations that have yielded the most, from this point of view, for the Raiola team, are the operations that led to Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United, in which he earned 25 millionand the most recent maneuver that resulted Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester Cityin which they were paid 40 million in the coffers of agents.

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