Colpo Pogba, the PSG gold scares Juve

TURIN – Pogba-Psg? Don’t worry: Paul is one step away from Juve. People’s Friday Juventus was punctuated by worrying rumors coming from France, which could have dramatically changed the horizons of the Juventus market, even making their dreams fade. The object of desire is always him, Paul Pogbanow betrothed for the second time in the career of Lady. There are no more obstacles to marriage, as has been clear for several days, yet yesterday the track came back by surprise Paris Saint Germain. Furthermore, it is linked to another equally sensational operation concerning the Parisian bench. According to Rmc Sport, in fact, Zinedine Zidane it would be close to an agreement with Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s club. And this very agreement would have led to the reopening of dialogue with Pogba. Boom! The Juventus fans trembled in the face of the possibility of a mockery a few meters from the finish line, as evidenced by the flood of posts on social media.

Operation Pogba is armored

There worryin any case, it was slowly faded. At Continassa there is great serenity on the topic: the operation Pogba it is considered armored and the indiscretions coming from beyond the Alps are cataloged under the heading indiscretions. In short, no alarm: the return of the Octopus is practically done. The announcement has not yet taken place, but there are gods times technicians to be respected and the company plans to do so in July for budgetary reasons. Pogba himself showed that he wanted Juve more than PSG right from the start of the negotiation: he immediately welcomed the Juventus club’s proposal, thought about it and then chose. Other confirmation: also by theentourage of the player, yesterday, there were no doubts, nor changes of course. The bianconeri managers and the lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, who manages the interests of the Frenchman, have worked closely in recent weeks and have reached the much desired understanding. At the same time, one also arrived denial decided by the Zidane side. Alain Migliaccio, agent of the former Juventus and Real Madrid champion, held back on the hypothesis that Zizou could become the coach of Paris: «They are all unfounded rumors – he explained to L’Equipe -. To date I am the only person who represents and advises Zidane and, to date, neither he nor I have been contacted directly by the PSG. I doubt that his Majesty, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani, goes through social networks to manage his business. I’m not even sure if he’s really interested in hiring Zidane ».

Zero errors

Regardless of how the question of the Parisian bench will end, therefore, the Juve stay calm and plan the return of the Octopus, who will be welcomed back as a star. The Frenchman is currently reported on vacation in the United States and yesterday posted a new trailer for “Pogmentary”, the docu-series about his life and career that will be released next week, June 17th, on Prime Video France. «I’m at a turning point in my career, I have big decisions to make that will determine my future – says Paul -. I have no margin for error. A new Manchester United renewal offer? Yes, they are bluffing … In difficult times, I have to remember where I come from: my father always told me “you have to be the best”. Sometimes, things don’t go your way. I’ve been through so many things, difficult moments. I am no longer afraid ». Don’t worry, in fact, not even on the Paris Saint Germain front. In the future of Pogba there is Juve.

Pogba-Juve, official one step away

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Pogba-Juve, official one step away

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