Civitanova Champion of Italy Under 15

The two teams took to the field very concentrated. A great balance reigned throughout the first set with the two teams always in contact until 25-25, but thanks to a sprint by Matteo Iurisci, Lube closed on 27-25.

In the second half of the game Volley Montichiari started off with the right attitude (4-0). A prompt reaction from the Marche region brought the match back to a draw (17-17). The strength of Lube, however, made the difference in the key moments of the match and also thanks to an exciting performance by Matteo Iurisci (MVP of the event) and Gianluca Cremoni also manages to make the second set (25-19).

A third portion of an almost one-way game. Despite the fatigue Montichiari still managed to stay attached to the opponents until 10-10. A great turn at bat by Zara, the continuous attacks by Cremoni and the quality of the entire team bent the legs of coach Nicola Tonoli’s boys. Matteo Iurisci closes the match on 25-15.


Federico Belardinelli (Coach Cucine Lube Civitanova) – «We are certainly happy for this victory. Yesterday I said that we would have to face the race with the ‘fear’ that it would give us the right adrenaline. We did it because this is an aspect that must always keep us company and that has led this group to complete a remarkable journey. Iurisci’s match? Undoubtedly as a mvp, he showed a unique ability to read the game, even in the face of the indications we had given from a tactical point of view. He puts unique qualities into it, also the result of the genes of the family (he is the son of Gervasio Iurisci, ed). Even more determination than the father? He puts a lot of character into it, but they are characteristics of his DNA ».

Nicola Torrioli (Coach Volleyball Montichiari) «We lived the match with great adrenaline and with the right concern. We knew we were facing the strongest team in the tournament. The most sincere compliments go to them, they are really strong. The level of the match was very high as was the whole path that led us up to this point. I do not have to reproach my boys for anything, on the contrary, I only have to thank them for their commitment and dedication to work. Despite the tiredness we did not give up. Well done for us to get up to here and good for them to have won this final ».

Many authorities present at the Award Ceremony: Felice Vecchione, FIPAV Federal Councilor, Guido Pasciari, National Referent of the Sitting Volley Sector as well as President of FIPAV Campania, Gennaro Niro, President of the FIPAV Molise Regional Committee, Donato Toma, President of the Molise Region, Vincenzo Niro, Regional Councilor and Roberto Gravina, Mayor of the Municipality of Campobasso.


Best hitter: Gianluca Cremoni (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Best setter: Pietro Valgiovio (Volley Montichiari)

Best free: Lorenzo Pedercini (Volley Montichiari)

Best Central: Samuel Lanciotti (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

MVP: Matteo Iurisci (Cucine Lube Civitanova)


Gianlcuca Cremoni, Matteo Iurisci, Alessandro Sbaffo, Riccardi Piercamilli, Federico Giannini, Diego Zamparini, Marco Miscoli, Nicola Zara, Andre Romiti, Diefo Foresi, Diego Dolcini, Tommaso Coppari, Simone Leombroni, Samuel Lanciotti. Herds Federico Belardinellii.



Final 7-8th place
Invicta Volley Ball-Pall. Gonzaga Giovani: 0-3 (19-25, 22-25, 18-25)

Final 5-6th place
Diavoli Rosa MB-Padua Volleyball 3-2 (21-25, 23-25, 25-17, 25-18, 15-11)

Final 3-4th place
Pall School. Anderlini-Matervolley Castellana 1-3 (20-25, 30-28, 18-25, 19-25)

Final 1-2 ° place
Cucine Lube Civitanova-Volley Montichiari 3-0 (27-25, 25-19, 25-15)

1. Cucine Lube Civitanova; 2. Volleyball Montichiari; 3. Matervolley Castellana; 4. Pall School. Anderlini; 5. Pink Devils MB; 6. Volleyball Padua; 7. Pall. Gonzaga Young; 8. Invicta Volley Ball; 9. Volleyball Treviso; 10. Cuneo Sport 2018; 11. Naturasi Gupe Volley; 12. Marino Volleyball; 13. Volley Colombo Genova; 14. Omi-Fer Franco Tigano-Luck; 15. Volleyball Meta; 16. Roomy Saturnia Lube; 17. SSV Bruneck, Sir Safety Perugia, Trentino Volley, ASD Duemila 12; 21. ASD Fox Volley, Sieco Impavida Ortona, Volley Prato, You Energy Volley; 25. CUS Cagliari, Isernia Volleyball, Ruffano Alessano Volleyball, Don Michele Botta.

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