Chirico: 'Tre addii e ancora zero colpi, neanche Pogba. La Juve è già in ritardo sul mercato, aspetta la cessione di De Ligt?'

The transfer market officially begins on 1 July. If you go to pages Twitter or in groups Facebook Juventus fans and you launch into a civil and detailed critique of the inconclusive market made up to now by Juventus, the hard & pure fan, will reply as follows: nothing has started yet. Therefore, it is forbidden to complain. Otherwise, the advice is only one: get off the wagon and cheer for other teams. Sic et simpliciter.

These severe sentries of the Juventus temple are the favorite fans of the clubs (and not just Juventus): they are fine with everything, they always defend the club and – above all – they do not admit dissent. At the cost of engaging in fierce and endless chats with fellow supporters who think differently from them. And, you may have guessed, the undersigned is one of them.

First, let’s clarify this date. It is true, the official start of the transfer market is set, by convention, on 1 July. From that day on, the Serie A and Serie B teams can deposit new contracts with their respective Leagues, this does not mean, however, that the clubs have not already been able to close deals in the previous months. Nobody forbids it, much less risk penalties for those who do it. In fact, the insiders have been hyperactive for weeks, if not months. Because the market, as they say, never sleeps.

What instead seems to be happening at Continassa, and pulling out the date of 1 July to justify the absence of transactions concluded so far by the Juventus management really knows a little credible excuse. As well as charging the media operators for the authorship of the many names of players who have hitherto been associated with Juventus. “The company operates in silence, it is you journalists who invent non-existent negotiations” is their thesis. Okay, let’s pretend all the news so far is fake and Continassa have achieved completely different market objectives from those announced by TV and newspapers, but the final result does not change: zero negotiations concluded. Including the one with Pogba, however, given as imminent (to avoid cataclysms). Or, waiting for the fateful gong of 1 July, at Juve they spend their time in the office playing burraco.

The truth is that the budget available for the market is tighthaving already been used a substantial part in January to deal with the onerous purchase of Vlahovic, and now to allow further movements it will first be necessary to place the many redundancies in the squad, which is not an easy undertaking considering the exorbitant salaries received by each of them. You have to be very good. Yet Juventus is the team that, more than others in Serie A, this summer needs heavy structural interventions, if it really wants to be the protagonist again next season. The median has to be almost completely redone, Chiellini’s orphaned defense reinforcing, replacing the outings in attack. At least a couple of interventions are needed for each department, but also commercial creativity and money. De Ligt’s stomach ache has been registered, it cannot be ruled out that in the end it may be he, the Dutchman, who will feed the market.

The fact is that about twenty days after the meeting, Chiellini, Dybala and Bernardeschi have gone and no one has arrived yet. Not even a zero parameter. And with the purchase of Pogba alone, Allegri will be able to resume the basketball challenges but it will not be enough for him to rearrange the team. But maybe the Juventus Pasdaran are right: from 1 July we will see the fireworks.

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